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Sunday Show Consensus: Trump Supporters Angry, Stupid, Ignorant, Racist, White

By  Robert Kraychik

This week’s Sunday flagship news programs all, to one degree or another, characterized supporters of Donald Trump as politically ignorant, overly emotional, and racially-animated.

MSNBC’s Meet The Press produced a short clip of sound bites with Donald Trump supporters, portraying them as politically ignorant. Questioning attendees at a Trump rally in Biloxi on Saturday, supporters of the New York City billionaire speaking with southern accents were made to appear politically ignorant for being unaware of a Jihadist propaganda video that had been released on Friday.

In other words, Trump’s supporters were made to look ignorant and obstinate in the face of a propaganda video that had been posted online by Islamic terrorists or their supports just one day earlier.

The propaganda video features an 18-second clip of calling for a ban on Muslim immigration. No mention was made of the remainder of the video’s content, containing a long exposition in support of the anti-American “Black Lives Matter” movement advanced by left-wing media outlets like MSNBC.

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, who presents herself as a right-wing columnist, derided the Trump supporters.

“They don’t believe the video of anything. They don’t believe any piece of bad information about Trump,” Rubin lamented, “[Trump] can say anything, do anything, it can be completely bull.”

Eugene Robinson, also of The Washington Post, implied that there was irony in Trump’s criticisms of the media given the real estate mogul’s huge media footprint. No mention was made of the almost exclusively hostile coverage of Trump, his campaign, and his supporters by most of the media.

Meet The Press has yet to produce any similar segment featuring amateur and unrehearsed supporters of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders during this campaign season.

On CNN’s GPS, hosted by Fareed Zakaria, guest Ian Bremmer said Trump’s supporters were “losers.”

Asked by Zakaria for a prediction of the eventual Republican nominee for the presidency, Brenner excluded Trump as a possibility.

“His ability to channel to channel media excitement in a two-year ten billion dollar race is unprecedented in American history. But ultimately, as you say in your Washington Post column, he’s going after the losers. And historically in the United States, losers don’t vote,” said Brenner.

Ruth Marcus of The Washington Post joined CBS’s Face The Nation, also denigrating Trump and his supporters. Presenting herself as concerned for the well-being of the Republican Party, she said she is hoping for an “electability moment.”

“Republican voters ought to be saying, ‘It’s our turn. We need the White House back.’ And they oughta be looking at Donald Trump, and saying, ‘He is not gonna get us there,’” said Marcus, seemingly sharing her political expertise with Republicans as to how best to win in 2016.

Marcus also alleged that Trump’s statements were inspiring Muslims to join Islamic terrorist movements.

“His failure to answer really serious questions like the one you asked him about ‘What is the implication of your turning up in this ISIS video, because you’ve said very hurtful things that really can encourage people to join ISIS?’” said Marcus, as if otherwise good Muslims become mass murdering Islamic terrorists after hearing Trump’s statements.

Marcus joins a plethora of Democrats and left-wing media personalities in this explanation of the origins of Islamic terrorism.

The pattern of left-wing media outlets characterizing Republicans as angry, hate-filled, uneducated, and racially-motivated white people continues.

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