At the behest of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, former State Department official Wendy Sherman pushed the left-wing narrative of framing “anti-Muslim” rhetoric from Donald Trump and other Republicans as a driver of Islamic terrorism. Invited by Mitchell to repeat what’s been said by President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and left-wing media, Sherman happily obliged.

Mitchell asked, “How is this anti-Muslim rhetoric having an impact on our foreign policy and our relationships with allies?”

“It’s incredibly dangerous, Andrea. This kind of Islamophobia is really playing into the recruitment by the Jihadis of people all over the world. It is alienating the very people that we need to be working with us,” replied Sherman, neglecting to mention the ideological orientation of the terrorism at hand and which demographics its proponents appeal to. Sherman is echoing the narrative of Trump's opponents, framing otherwise ordinary Muslims as suddenly becoming Islamic terrorists - or abettors of Islamic terrorism - due to Trump's call for a temporary halting of Muslim immigration and visitation.

Mitchell then implied that Russian airstrikes killing ISIS terrorists would complicate a “peace process” that had apparently just been initiated to settle the civil war in Syria between President Bashar al-Assad and ISIS.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul also joined the discussion, deriding Trump for what he described as the billionaire’s drawing of a “moral equivalence” between Russian assassins and American military servicepersons.

McFaul falsely said Russian President Vladimir Putin was “endorsing” Trump when describing the real estate mogul as “brilliant.”

Asked about Obama’s non-delivery on his “red line” commitment to intervene militarily in Syria should Assad use chemical weapons, Sherman dodged the question.

“But I think the point today, Andrea, is that we have to be as actually Secretary Clinton has said about resolve, not about fear. That’s what america’s about,” said Sherman, pushing platitudes from the Clinton campaign.

After this sloganeering, and without any sense of irony, Sherman said, “Slogans are not a strategy.”

Closing with more positions from the Obama Administration, McFaul diminished America’s capacity to destroy ISIS.

“Because at the end of the day, it’s going to be Muslim soldiers in Iraq and in Syria that are going to ultimately destroy ISIS. It won’t be the United States alone,” said McFaul. No explanation was provided as the why America cannot destroy ISIS on its own.

This Sunday’s Meet The Press made no attempt at feigning journalistic objectivity. All guests and panelists were Democrats and left-wing reporters.