CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Donald Trump whether or not the current Republican frontrunner was worried that his statements regarding Islamic terrorism would contribute towards the production of Islamic terrorists.

Reading from the script of the Obama Administration, Tapper asked, “Let’s talk about this from a national security perspective, because I was talking to an official who said, ‘Look, suppose there’s a 22-year-old Muslim-American out there who is already feeling alienated, and he turns on the TV and he sees the leading Republican presidential candidate, by far, saying total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the us, and the room goes crazy.”

After a brief interjection by Trump, Tapper continued, “And what the official said to me is, ‘Do you think that 22-year-old, seeing Donald Trump saying that with all those people cheering, do you think that disenfranchised, disaffected 22-year-old Muslim-American is less or more likely to turn to ISIS?”

Tapper pressed the point, asking, “Is potentially alienating 1.6 billion Muslims, is that a solution to the problem, or does that create more problems?”

Referring to Muslim friends and partners of his that agree with him, Trump said, “I have many friends that are Muslims, and I will tell you that they are so happy thatI did this, because they know they have a problem. There is a problem. have many friend at the highest level. They said, ‘It’s about time that somebody spoke up, as to radicalism.’ You have radicalism in this country. It’s here, and it’s trying to come through.”

Trump asked, “How crazy are we allowing ourselves to be subject to this kind of terror?”

The narrative of assigning responsibility to Trump for radicalization of Muslims into Islamic terrorists is one Democrats and the left have been pushing for some time.

At the outset of the interview, Tapper sought to foment discord between Trump and Ted Cruz, asking for response to surreptitiously recorded comments the latter had made during a private fundraiser about the former’s judgment. Tapper described it as Cruz having “taken these shots at (Trump) behind closed doors.”

Asked about a recent report of a brokered convention in order to prevent Trump from securing the Republican nomination, Trump said, “That wasn’t the deal I made. I signed a pledge, but the pledge was a double deal. They were supposed to be honorable. We’re gonna find out, if it’s that way, they’re gonna have problems.”