Speaking with anti-Israel reporter Ayman Mohyeldin, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews warned audiences about the dangers of a Ted Cruz or Donald Trump presidency.

“Cruz is scarier than Trump,” said Matthews, after praising Hillary Clinton’s recent non-response response to Trump’s mockery of her extended bathroom break during Saturday’s Democratic debate.

“That’ll be a frightening prospect to realize, that Trump is the more, while he’s not acceptable to progressives, but when you look at him against Cruz, I mean Cruz, if we weren’t talking about Trump we’d be talking about the horror of this country possibly being led by Cruz,” Matthews added, relaying the fears of “progressive” Americans over a potential Cruz presidency.

“Nobody likes [Cruz]. No one who knows him likes him,” added Matthews, framing Cruz as lacking congeniality.

Matthews then delved into his comfort zone of deriding white Evangelical Christians.

“Because I think the anger that we see driving Trump, the anger on the right, white people if you will, working white people, whatever that category gets defined as, are so angry, especially the very religious people, that they’re willing to put somebody in there who’s a complete enemy of the state. They’re willing to go all the way to the hardest far right rail. You can’t be too hard right,” said Matthews.

Implying that the son of a Cuban immigrant should support amnesty for illegal immigrants, Matthews described Cruz’s opposition to “legalization” of illegal aliens as not dissimilar to Trump’s.

“You’re seeing a battle between two fairly nasty campaigns for the hardest right position,” said Matthews, describing how he viewed the Cruz and Trump campaigns.

Forecasting Governor Chris Christie’s difficulties in gaining political support in southern states, Matthews said that a “Jersey guy” would lack the characteristics necessary to appeal to the region’s Republican voters. Matthews went on to predict that Trump - who hails from New York City - would be competitive in the south.

Matthews has a lengthy record of interesting racial comments, including challenging Cruz’s Hispanic heritage, suggestions that disdain for Washington D.C. is racist, estimations that sizable opposition to President Barack Obama is rooted in anti-black racism, and that only white people can be racists.