CNN Panel Agrees: GOP's Islamophobia Causes Islamic Terrorism

Joining CNN’s Don Lemon last night, left-wingers Nicholas Kristof and Rula Jebreal explained how "Islamophobic" rhetoric actually played into the hands of ISIS and assisted them in their radicalization and recruitment of Muslims in the West.

Kristof explained how ISIS’s strategy is to create a "backlash in the West" against Muslims. ISIS’s goal, according to Kristof, is to create "a sense of alienation and antagonism" among Muslims, which will facilitate their incorporation into the Islamist terror group.

Jebreal concurred, "I agree totally with Nick." She cautioned against an "overreaction" from the West in the form of military operations.

Kristof suggested that the Syrian passport found on the remains of one of the suicide bombers in the Islamic terrorist attack in Paris last week was a deliberate ploy by ISIS to "create a backlash." Lemon seemed somewhat taken aback by Kristof’s views of ISIS’s strategy. Kristof doubled down, implying that ISIS wants a right-wing nationalist like Marine Le Pen to become the French President.

"What our GOP candidates are doing is playing into the hands of ISIS," said Jebreal, echoing President Obama and his Democratic Party. She then stated that Muslims reject ISIS. (A recent poll suggests otherwise, with about a third of Syrians polled not wishing to see ISIS defeated. More broadly, Islamic fundamentalism — often described as "radical Islam" — enjoys a wide degree of support across the Muslim world. The Daily Wire’s very own Ben Shapiro dismantled this narrative last year. A video published yesterday shows Muslims in Paris blaming Jews for last week’s Islamic terrorist attacks.)

Responding to widespread American opposition to accepting refugees from Syria, Kristof drew a parallel to what he said was a poll in 1939 showing opposition to the acceptance of "ten thousand, mostly Jewish children" into the U.S.

The Left has been regularly invoking the Holocaust in order to support President Barack Obama’s proposal to bring in an additional 10,000 refugees - almost of Muslims - from Syria. Kristof echoed Obama, presenting the false choice between accepting his proposal and "turning our backs on them completely." Either America goes along with Kristof and Obama, or the nation can choose to do nothing. No mention was made of alternative options for assistance of refugees and resettlement alternatives to Muslim and Arab countries.

Lemon said of GOP proposals to to stop the intake of Muslim refugees, "Of course it’s Islamophobia." Jebreal described it as "racist." Lemon then implied that America is hostile to immigrants wholesale, to Jebreal’s enthusiastic agreement.

During the 14-minute segment, not one mention was made of the religious or ideological underpinnings of Islamic terrorism.


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