CNN’s ostensibly conservative commentator S.E. Cupp said the Republican Party’s base largely viewed Senator Ted Cruz with disdain prior to the ascendance of Donald Trump. Suggesting that Trump is beyond irrational, she asserted that Cruz’s palatability increased only via contrast with what she views as an unlikable billionaire.

“Ted Cruz was viewed by the majority of the Republican base as to the very very far right. Tea Party, some would call him 'extremist', some would call him, you know, sort of a loose cannon. Donald Trump has managed to make Ted Cruz look rational, look more appealing, more palatable, to a lot of conservative voters,” Cupp said.

Insulting the intelligence of Republican voters, Cupp essentially dismisses any possibility of growing support for Cruz being grounded in familiarity with the man rather than superficial contrasts between him and Trump.

Cupp recently expressed opposition to Trump’s proposed ban of Muslim immigrants, pushing the left-wing narrative of the proposal benefiting ISIS. She also described the proposal as “unconstitutional,” as if the federal government can not apply discriminatory measures to its immigration policies on the grounds of religion, ethnicity, or ideology.

Virtually unwilling to hire conservative talent for on-air commentary, CNN opts to employ “moderate” Republicans such as Ana Navarro, Alex Castellanos, and Margaret Hoover to present a pretense of ideological balance.