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‘We Now Have To Hire Armed Security’: Patricia Heaton Slams Elizabeth Warren For Making Crisis Pregnancy Centers Targets For The Left
Heaton and Warren
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Patricia Heaton is not pleased about Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) slandering of crisis pregnancy centers, which she claims is helping fuel the attacks that have been lobbed against them ever since the overturning of Roe v. Wade on June 24. 

“Our medical pregnancy clinic serves client families for five years, providing superior services for anyone who asks. We raised $250K for a mobile medical clinic for underserved areas, treating everyone. Because of people like @SenWarren we now have to hire armed security,” Heaton tweeted in reply to Warren’s original post.

The abortion activist senator had shared on June 27, “With Roe gone, it’s more important than ever to crack down on so-called ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ that mislead and deceive patients seeking abortion care. My bill with @SenatorMenendez would stop these harmful practices.” 

She shared that along with a link to a Time article claiming that crisis pregnancy centers have personal data on women that could be “weaponized” against them.

This type of rhetoric can and does lead to violence. The Daily Wire previously reported that following the Supreme Court leak and historic decision, dozens of crisis pregnancy centers have been attacked. Protestors vandalized the buildings and threw firebombs into them, scrawling messages in spray paint that said, “IF ABORTION AINT SAFE YOU AINT SAFE!”

Heaton is one of very few Hollywood actresses who makes her pro-life stance public despite receiving a lot of criticism about it. 

“If you don’t provide abortion care to women who need it, you’re not providing health care. So get off your high horse and face reality – the Supreme Court did this, not @SenWarren,” one detractor named Susie shared on Twitter.

“Hello Susie – PP provides no pre or postnatal care for women – do you demand the same of them? Should they provide free ultrasounds, diapers, medical care for pregnant women who want to keep their babies?” Heaton shot back.

“Is it because those places are notorious for misrepresenting their goals and a woman’s options, thereby negating any concept of ‘informed consent’ for a woman’s full spectrum of options? Nah, couldn’t be that,” another said.

“No one has ever died from visiting a pregnancy clinic,” the “Malcolm in the Middle” alum responded.

Heaton’s pro-life stance has been constant and unapologetic, CBN reported. During an interview, the actress said, “I find it impossible to subscribe to a philosophy that believes that the destruction of human life is a legitimate solution to a problem that is mostly social, economic and psychological.” 

“In reality, most women ‘choose’ abortion because they believe they have no other choice,” Heaton continued. “Women who experience unplanned pregnancy also deserve unplanned joy.” 

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