Prosecutors Allege Second Person Involved In Delphi Murders Of Two Teen Girls
Richard Allen, 50, was arrested and charged in connection to the murders of two Delphi, Indiana, teenagers.
Indiana State Police

Prosecutors in Delphi, Indiana, made a startling admission on Tuesday, revealing for the first time they believe that suspect Richard Allen is not the only person involved in the 2017 murders of two teenage girls.

The news surprised not only those following the case but also Allen’s defense attorney, who said as much to reporters outside the courtroom.

“If you read the probable cause affidavit it does not mention anything about any other person. That was news to us,” defense attorney Andrew Baldwin said.

Police previously said they would not release the probable cause affidavit used to arrest Allen for his alleged connection to the murders of 13-year-old Libby German and her best friend Abby Williams. On Tuesday, prosecutors said they “believe Richard Allen is not the only actor involved in this.”

Baldwin, however, dismissed the allegations against his client, saying Allen “is the wrong guy,” according to WTHR. He also called the probable cause affidavit “flimsy” and said his client “very emotionally looked us in the eye and said I am not guilty thank you for helping us…helping me.”

Allen on Tuesday requested to be let out on bail before his trial, arguing in his petition that “because neither the proof of guilt is evident, nor the presumption of guilt strong, the Accused is seeking a hearing to release the Accused.”

After the bodies of German and Williams were found, police pulled evidence from Libby’s phone, which included photos of a potential suspect, as well as an audio recording of a man saying “down the hill.” Police released two sketches of possible suspects, as well as a short audio clip. The Murder Sheet Podcast was also able to obtain court documents this summer that showed an FBI agent sought a search warrant for the property where the girls’ bodies were found, a property owned by Ron Logan.

The search warrant revealed that the audio recording containing the “down the hill” clip was actually 43 seconds but wasn’t fully released to the public. In addition, investigators reportedly found a large amount of blood where the girls’ bodies were found and believed the perpetrator must have gotten blood on their hands or clothing. Police also suggested that the perpetrator may have taken a “souvenir” from the girls and “moved and staged” their bodies.

The warrant also suggested Logan fit the physical description of the man seen in photos on Libby’s phone and that he had lied about his alibi. Logan has never been charged with a crime relating to the murders and has never been named a suspect.

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