Martha Stewart Deletes ‘Racist’ Criticism Of Clarence Thomas Following Roe v. Wade Reversal

Stewart and Thomas
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images; Erin Schaff/The New York Times/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Martha Stewart used social media to express her vitriol for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas with what some followers call a racist reaction.

Like so many celebrities, the domestic diva is not pleased with the overturning of Roe v. Wade in a landmark Supreme Court decision Friday. Though six justices concurred on the Dobbs v.s. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision, Thomas is getting the brunt of the criticism from all angles. 

It all started when popular Instagram account thefatjewish posted, “Time zones are crazyyy…In Australia its 9am, In Rome it’s 1am, and in America it’s 1942 where minorities and women are still controlled by old white men.”

The caption said, “Forget all the obvious reasons why decrepit old men who jizz actual dust (and Amy Coney Barrett, who’s vagina is a chainsaw with teeth) shouldn’t be making laws that control women’s bodies, without abortion there would be like 3-4 of my demon spawn running around AND I THINK AS A NATION WE CAN ALL AGREE THAT NOBODY NEEDS ME PROCREATING.”

Stewart wrote in a now-deleted comment, “and an old black man who doesn’t know who he is,” appearing to reference Thomas.

Commenters were mixed in their support and disgust for Stewart’s post.

The Shade Room posted a screenshot of the interaction, asking followers if they agreed or disagreed with the 78-year-old “Martha Stewart Living” host or believed her words were racist, as some critics asserted.

“Oop! Looks like #MarthaStewart took a shot at #ClarenceThomas! Martha commented on a recent post from #TheFatJewish and some people find her response to be racist. Thoughts, #Roomies?” the account posted.

The comments seemed mostly supportive of Stewart’s words. 

“Martha said what needed to be said. EVERY criticism is not rooted in racism,” the top comment, with more than 27,000 likes, said.

“So racism is now okay when it’s directed to someone that holds a different political opinion. I got it. Obama is next,” one commenter pointed out.

Stewart wasn’t the first star to attack Thomas. Actor Samuel L. Jackson also launched racial attacks against the Supreme Court justice Friday following the announcement that abortion laws would return to individual states.

“How’s Uncle Clarence feeling about Overturning Loving v Virginia??!!” Jackson posted to Twitter.

“Uncle Clarence” is likely a reference to “Uncle Tom,” a racial term often used to mock black Americans who have views that differ from popular opinion in the black community. Merriam-Webster defines “Uncle Tom” as “a Black person who is overeager to win the approval of whites.”

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