LISTEN: Tim Pool Releases First Single With Ousted Offspring Drummer Pete Parada

Pete Parada
Mauricio Santana/Getty Images

Popular podcast host Tim Pool just released his first single with former Offspring drummer Pete Parada.

The official music video already has more than one quarter of a million views on YouTube as of Friday. Pool, who became famous for live-streaming the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011, wrote and performed the debut single “Only Ever Wanted” as a collaboration with Carter Banks and Parada.

“With this song we make our first foray into seizing back the cultural spaces dominated by establishment institutions that hate you,” Pool said of his first contribution to the music industry.

Pool called the new album “a dream come true.” He said in a press release, “The first song I ever learned was from the first album I ever bought, ‘Americana’ By the Offspring. When I heard that Pete was fired over his inability to get the vaccine I knew instantly that The Offspring had made a mistake, both politically and in terms of market opportunity.”

Last August, Parada announced he would not be joining the band’s upcoming tour because he had the immune condition Guillain-Barré Syndrome and had been advised not to get the COVID vaccine. He said because he wouldn’t “comply with what is increasingly becoming an industry mandate,” his band The Offspring claimed “[he was] unsafe to be around” and fired him after 14 years.

But to Pool, their loss was his gain. He continued, “Pete’s drumming and vision has been a major asset to our production and added that burst of energy our songs were looking for. Carter made magic happen and transformed these songs I’ve written into something I never thought possible.”

Parada agreed that the collaboration with Pool was a huge benefit both personally and professionally.

“Tim was one of the first people with a large platform to support me after my dismissal from The Offspring,” Parada said. “When I reached out to thank him, he immediately invited me to his home to talk about music and the possibility of working together.”

The veteran drummer said he was happy to keep making music with Pool and Banks after he was let go from the band.

“I was impressed with the range of material that he had already written and could instantly hear what I would do with those songs. It’s been a great collaborating environment between myself, Tim and Carter,” he continued. “I get excited every time they send a new song for me to play on here in my studio because I know it’s going to be interesting and something that I’ll enjoy sinking my teeth into.”

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