Horrifying Security Camera Footage Shows Robber ‘Executed’ A ‘Very Gracious’ Store Clerk: Police
Screenshot: Store Security Camera

A horrifying video showed a murder that unfolded in Tupelo, Mississippi, at a convenience store on Sunday where a “very gracious” man working at the store was allegedly “executed” by the suspect, police said.

The Daily Journal reported that police charged 26-year-old Chris Copeland with capital murder for allegedly shooting 33-year-old Parmvir Singh in the back of the head after ordering him to get on the floor of the Chevron Food Mart.

Tupelo Police Detective Wes Kloac said that security camera footage from inside the store showed the suspect walking into the store, pulling a gun out of his waistband, and pointing it at Singh.

The report said that the suspect was wearing an “olive hoodie, yellow T-shirt and colorful pajama bottoms,” which matches up exactly with a video on social media of the incident. The video also matched up with Kloac’s description of the incident. Twitter censored one account that posted the video.

“The clerk is very gracious and even gave him a stack of money he didn’t ask for,” Kloac testified. “He opened the safe for him and gave him a bank bag.”

The video showed Singh get on the floor and the suspect jumping over the counter. “(The suspect) then walked up behind Mr. Singh and, at point blank range, executed him,” Kloac said.

The report said that the detective testified that Copeland walked over and retrieved a spent shell casing and then “ripped out what he thought was the DVD recorder box and fled the store.”

Copeland has previously been convicted of felonies related to robberies and burglaries, which means that he was banned from possessing a firearm.

“With 27 years in law enforcement, this may be one of the worst ones I’ve ever seen,” Police Chief John Quaka said. “The victim was literally executed in the back of the head inside his store where he was trying to make a living. It is just absolutely outrageous. The prosecutor said it best — ‘it’s monstrous.’”

Copeland was denied bond and since he was charged with capital murder, he will face either life without parole or the death penalty if convicted. claimed in a report that Singh was “a resident of Dhapai village in Kapurthala district.”

“Speaking to reporters, Paramveer Singh’s father Hardyal Singh said that the body of the deceased is being brought to Dhapai village,” the report claimed.

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