Hollywood Legend Dana Carvey Hits Biden Again On Kimmel In Preview Of 2024 Presidential Debate

Comedian Dana Carvey performs onstage during Moontower Just For Laughs at the Long Center on April 19, 2022 in Austin, Texas.
Rick Kern/Getty Images

Dana Carvey did another brutal impersonation of President Joe Biden while guest-hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in a preview of what the 2024 Presidential Debate would look like.

In the clip posted Tuesday on YouTube, the 67-year-old “Saturday Night Live” alum drew a ton of cheers and applause during a bit in his opening monologue as he debated himself as both Biden and former President Donald Trump, with Biden giving one rambling, incoherent answer after another. It starts at the 8:56 minute mark here.

The debate host, Guillermo Rodriguez, asked the two men the first question, “What are presidential qualities?”

Carvey as Biden replied, “You gotta have a big smile, an honest hand shake, a couple of corn-fed Secret Service fellas who wave your arms and legs around like a ‘Weekend At Bernie’ style. C’mon. Where people know you’re still kicking.”


“Gotta work together with Kamala Harris, Harrison Ford,” he added. “Pardon me, Henry Ford. Excuse me. Machine Gun Kelly. C’mon.”

The comedian as Trump replied, “Don’t be rude. Don’t be rude. You were nice, now you’re not so nice. I know nice. Everybody’s nicer than me. Nobody’s nicer than me, excuse me. Everybody’s saying it — even Kim Jong-un. Tiny Kim.”

Both where then asked: “What can be done about the high gas prices?” Carvey’s “Trump” responded with an answer about “many people” saying gasoline is “dead dinosaur poop” and “T-rex poop,” and that we used to have so much of it.

But when Carvey answered as Biden, he said, “Look here, amigo. You don’t need a gas station for gasoline. Gas stations are for selling, selling soda pops and nudie magazines. And reading in the woods.”

The following question was about what the next four years of each of their presidencies would look like.

The comedian as Biden gave a rambling answer with no information at all before saying something about, “it’s a sweet, sweet, sweet sorrow” and “Party in the U.S.A., Miley Cyper, cyper trees got to do climate change. C’mon, man.” This answer from “Biden” appeared to draw the loudest cheers and hollers from the audience.

For the final question, each candidate was asked: “What do you each want to tell America?” In his impersonation of Biden, Carvey said he gets re-elected and “every kid will get a yo-yo in a jar for keeping frogs. Also, Monkey Pox, it’s what’s for dinner.”

The “SNL” alum closed out the bit as the former president by announcing that his running mate is a “venomous cobra” he named “Hillary.”

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