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Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono On Trump’s Base Of Supporters: They Are ‘White Supremacists’
Senator Mazie Hirono(L) (D-HI) arrives during the impeachment trial of US President Donald Trump on Capitol Hill January 29, 2020, in Washington, DC. - The fight over calling witnesses to testify in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial intensified January 28, 2020 after Trump's lawyers closed their defense calling the abuse of power charges against him politically motivated. Democrats sought to have the Senate subpoena former White House national security advisor John Bolton to provide evidence after leaks from his forthcoming book suggested he could supply damning evidence against Trump.
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Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) claimed during an MSNBC interview on Monday afternoon that President Donald Trump’s base of supporters are “white supremacists.”

“We now have three crises that we’re having to deal with, and it’s a pandemic, we have an economic crisis, we have police brutality and systemic racism crisis,” Hirono said. “And so what’s happening is that really covering for the president and his failures is the operating principle for his enablers. … We should be dealing with the pandemic, with the opening of schools. You just did a perfect coverage on the concerns that everyone has about schools reopening.”

“We should be dealing with the economic crisis,” Hirono continued. “And we should be dealing with the racism that is in our country to which the president speaks to because he has a base of supporters who are very anti-immigrant and white supremacists,” Hirono said. “That’s who, that’s the, a lot of his base and that’s who he speaks to so the divisiveness continues. So, we should be focusing on things that we need to focus on.”

The claim received no pushback from MSNBC host Chris Jansing.


Hirono has a history of making outlandish comments related to the president and falsely claimed after the Senate acquitted him during his impeachment trial that he was not really acquitted.

“The Senate has clearly spoken now, the president was acquitted,” CNN host Wolf Blitzer said to Hirono in February after the acquittal. “Do you think your–”

“No! Wolf (laughs), wasn’t acquitted,” Hirono falsely claimed. “It was a rigged trial. You don’t get acquitted when you don’t even get to call witnesses or relevant witnesses or have the documents because the president stone walled all efforts on the part of the House to get the information they requested.”

“So, there you go,” Hirono continued. “It was a rigged trial, he can run around saying he was acquitted but you don’t get acquitted in a rigged trial.”

“Well, I just want to point out Senator, there was a roll call, guilty or not guilty, not guilty was the majority and the Chief Justice of the United States announced that he was acquitted, that he was not guilty,” Blitzer responded.

“But the American public knows that it was a rigged trial,” Hirono claimed without evidence. “So, okay you’re found not guilty in a rigged trial. I don’t think that they think this was all kosher, not it wasn’t. So, meanwhile you have the president crowing about it, which is totally expected, and now it’s anything goes for this president and this administration and all his enablers.”

Prior to the Senate voting to acquit the president, Hirono said on MSNBC, “I don’t care what kind of nice, little, legal, Constitutional defenses that they came up with.”

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