Author James Lindsay Banned From Twitter, Trans Harvard Law Instructor Claims Credit
BRAZIL - 2020/06/15: In this photo illustration the Twitter logo is displayed on a smartphone and a red alerting word "CENSORED" on the blurred background.
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James Lindsay — author and Young America’s Foundation speaker — was permanently suspended from Twitter on Friday after tweeting, “Ok, childhood sexualization specialist” to a Harvard Law instructor who supports teaching radical gender theory.

Lindsay had previously been temporarily suspended in June by Twitter for tweeting, “Ok, groomer.” On Friday, he exchanged the term “groomer” with the phrase “childhood sexualization specialist” in response to a tweet from Alejandra Caraballo. Caraballo is a former staff attorney at the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund and at the LGBTQ Law Project at New York Legal Assistance Group. Caraballo said to Lindsay, “Your misogynoir is showing,” which earned his rebuttal, according to The Post Millennial.

New Discourses, a commentary website founded by Lindsay, then announced that he had been permanently suspended from the social media site. Caraballo then took credit for his suspension, revealing a screenshot that showed the instructor had spammed Twitter multiple times reporting Lindsay to the site.

“Good riddance,” Caraballo tweeted, before adding, “Tell James, I want him to know it was me.” Caraballo’s Twitter avatar shows the individual wearing a “Protect Trans Kids” t-shirt.

The “Cynical Theories” author has previously explained that the term “groomer” is used to describe members of the left who discuss sexual topics with children and condone hiding certain topics from their parents.

Speaking with The Daily Signal, Lindsay explained that he is staunchly opposed to progressive radical gender theory pushed onto children by adult activists.

“They are bringing up sexual topics with children, normalizing discussions of sex with children, telling children to hide it from their parents,” Lindsay alleged. “These are all behaviors that if it was predatory pedophiles, we would immediately apply the word ‘groomer,’ but they’re doing it for cult purposes, using the same subjects.”

Lindsay explained that his use of groomer or grooming refers mostly to cult-like behavior.

“The thing people think I’m accusing them of is predatory pedophilic grooming, the idea that adults are going to seduce children into sexual relationships,” Lindsay added.

“And that definition of ‘grooming’ has a lot of currency, and a lot of people recognize it,” he argued. “[But], as it turns out, we’ve all collectively forgotten that cult grooming was something that we all talked about, up until this controversy [about LGBT activism] erupted.”

The mathematician also told The Daily Signal that the Left’s desire to censor the word groomer has only increased its prominence.

“I don’t know what’ll happen in the long run, but in the short run, it’s backfiring,” Lindsay told the site after his July suspension. “I got banned off Twitter, locked out for 12 hours last week for ‘OK groomer’ and subsequently ‘groomer’ trended on Twitter to like 40,000 tweets or some number thereabout. It made it more visible that something inappropriate is going on here, to which the label ‘groomer’ applies in one way or another. And they’re trying to hide it and protect it and cover it up.”

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