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Zuckerberg Endorses #BlackLivesMatter; Warns Employees Crossing Out Its Slogan

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg endorsed the anti-American racial grievance narrative of the Black Lives Matter movement on his personal profile. The company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California has a “signature wall,” where employees and visitors are free to scrawl what they want.

Messages pushing the #BlackLivesMatter movement, however, have been scratched out and replaced with message such as “All Lives Matter.” Springing to action, Zuckerberg has described such expressions as vandalism that are “unacceptable” and “malicious.”

See Zuckerberg’s message below.

See the “signature wall” below.

The head of the world’s second most-visited website describes the message of the Black Lives Matter movement as pursuing “the justice [black] deserve.” Observers should consider the political orientation of a man with such power over the dissemination of information and political discussion.

An advocate of open-borders and wholesale replacement of Americans with foreigners, Zuckerberg founded the website and organization to advocate for widespread amnestying of illegal aliens.

Colluding with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to censor messages and information critical of the Islamic invasion of Europe – dubbed a “refugee/migrant crisis” by left-wing media on Facebook – Zuckerberg is no ally of the value of free speech and expression.

Given the heightened interest in politics during a presidential election year, astute observers might expect Facebook to become more aggressive with it politically-driven censorship and information management.

Left-wing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has also endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement, and has recently established a censorship council with an Orwellian self-description of ensuring online “safety.”

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