Meet The Leftists Who Will Be Censoring Your Twitter Account

On Tuesday, Twitter announced announced the forming of a Twitter Trust & Safety Council, claiming the new endeavor will help “ensure that people feel safe expressing themselves” on the social media platform.

It should not be viewed as a coincidence that this is taking place during the year of a presidential election, when online political engagement is amplified.

Below are a handful of the “Inaugural Members” of the new council who will be charged with censoring Twitter users deemed to be making others “feel [un]safe.”

Feminist Frequency - Self-described feminist and figurehead of “Feminist Frequency,” Anita Sarkeesian has risen to prominence - or notoriety - with her campaign against what she described as misogynist tropes endemic to video game and comic book culture.

Celebrated by left-wing media as a real-life Xena The Warrior Princess combating the wickedness of a patriarchal America infused with “rape culture,” Sarkeesian is exactly what you expect her to be.

Here’s a taste of Sarkeesian’s politics.

SpunOut - A self-described informational website based in Ireland and targeting young people between 16 and 25, the organization is led by Ian Power, a professional leftist who calls for greater governmental involvement in his country.

His Twitter feed is littered with tweets and retweets forwarding left-wing anti-American narratives, including but not limited to Black Lives Matters, get-out-the-vote drives for youth, “LBGT” victimhood, support for “same-sex marriage,” promotion of lawful access to abortion, and feminism.

Its Board of Directors is similarly filled with left-wing activists.

GLAAD - The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination presents itself as a vanguard against what it describes at social trends that harm homosexuals.The organization calls for informal hiring quotas to benefits homosexuals, and for different portrayals of homosexuals on television and in film.

Its CEO Sarah Kate Ellies supports governmental regulations that prohibits private businesses and organizations for choosing not to deal with homosexuals on the grounds of their sexual orientation. In other words, she supports governmental prosecution of bakeries and churches opting not to provide services for “same-sex marriages.”

The Dangerous Speech Project - With its ominous name, the Canada-based organization claims that “mass violence” is necessarily preceded by “inflammatory public speech.” One of its strategies for combating this dangerous speech includes “limiting its dissemination”.

In other words, censorship of speech and expressions it deems are inciteful to “mass violence.”

The Anti-Defamation League - While combating anti-Semitism is worthwhile - particularly in light of its growth via the spread of cultural leftism and Muslim demographics in the West - the Democrat-aligned ADL has not been friendly towards free speech and expression online, and has often chased phantoms of "Islamophobia."

Hollaback! - Claiming to combat online harassment, the organization predictably ignores online left-wing harassment campaigns. Its testimonials page includes support from Sandra Fluke, who gained notoriety as a law student unable to afford birth control. She then became a willing political tool of President Barack Obama's and the Democrats' pushing of a "War On Women" narrative. Now a "social justice attorney," she praises the organization.

The organization is dedicated to framing women as perpetual victims, oppressed by a misogynistic society in which they cannot feel safe walking its streets.

Some of the other organizations appear to be legitimately interested in preventing abuse, from stopping “revenge porn” to online harassment and threats, to interdicting child predation, to protecting the privacy of user data to shield against its non-consensual distribution or sale.

Twitter currently has 320 million active users.

These events come at a time of ever-increasing censorship online, from neo-Marxist newspapers like The Guardian shutting down comment sections on articles dealing with Muslims, Islam, or the Islamic invasion of Europe to Facebook’s cooperation with the German government under Chancellor Angela Merkel’s leadership to censor posts, messages, and information sharing deemed “Islamophobic,”

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