Woke Razor Company Calls Fathers ‘Non-Birthing Parents.’ At Jeremy’s Razors, Men Are Men.

Jeremy's Razors
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Let’s play a quick quiz game: Here are four questions. Please select option A) or B), and then we’ll tell you what your answers mean.

  1. Would you rather A) Spend your money with a company that supports the mutilation of minors, or B) Support a company that works to protect children?
  2. Would you rather A) Be associated with a brand that uses terms like “non-birthing parents” and “birthing parents” to refer to moms and dads, or B) Be associated with one that calls them — well — moms and dads?
  3. Would you rather A) Help create a “progressive future” built on woke lies, or B) Help build an economy based on truth
  4. Would you rather A) Buy from a company that says not kowtowing to radical gender ideology is “inexcusable” or B) Buy from one that embraces true masculinity and femininity

If you answered A) to any of those questions, then you should buy from Harry’s Razors.

If you answered B), then Jeremy’s Razors is for you. Buy here.


As DailyWire+ subscribers well know, Harry’s was a former sponsor with The Daily Wire. In 2021, Harry’s infamously dropped The Daily Wire because best-selling author and Daily Wire podcast host Michael Knowles had the audacity to say that boys are boys and girls are girls. Worse, the company publicly condemned The Daily Wire — which by implication condemned our audience and subscribers.

So, The Daily Wire’s co-founder, Jeremy Boreing, launched Jeremy’s Razors in response. Turns out there’s a strong market for individuals who need a close shave and believe in basic fundamental truths. Not only has the venture been wildly successful, but the razors are awesome.

What has Harry’s done since then? The company has doubled down and then some. For example, in June 2022, Harry’s released a video promoting a woman who apparently has had “top surgery.” That Instagram video was captioned “celebrating my first Pride with facial hair!”

The promotional campaign promised that “100% of profits” from the purchase of the advertised face and body shave kits are donated to the Trevor Project —  a group that supports transgender treatments for minors. Watch for yourself:

But Harry’s descent into their dogmatic belief in wokeism apparently started earlier than that. Videos have surfaced showing that Harry’s Razors’ CEO embraces radical gender ideology  because his company is “socially minded.”

What does that mean exactly? Well, The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh has unearthed Harry’s internal “global strategy” agenda from 2018. The document is called “Painting the World Orange: Positioning Our Way Into a More Progressive Future.”

That document helped shed light on why Harry’s feels such an impetus to link arms with transgender ideology.

“We recognised that rigidly binary gendered constructs were part of the toxic scaffolding we needed to slowly dismantle,” the document said, adding that it hoped to “shift culture significantly.”

So what has The Daily Wire and Jeremy’s Razors been doing? Well, we’ve released “What Is A Woman?” We reported on how bodily mutilation is a “huge money making” opportunity for doctors and insurance companies. The Daily Wire exposed summer camps that would place grown men with children — and much, much more. We’ve also launched an array of shaving kits, soaps, lotions, shampoos, and even traveling cases.


Our co-founder has stayed focused on the one mission that he stated on the day we launched Jeremy’s Razors: “Winning.”

“If we want to win, we have to compete. And competition means building a future — not just lamenting the loss of the past,” Boreing said in March 2022. “It means fighting in the economy and culture — not just complaining about the loss of the economy and culture. It means starting for-profit companies that create actual economic incentives for better behavior. That’s what animates me. That’s what drives The Daily Wire. That’s the real fight.”

“If you want a better future, you have to build it and if you want a better shave, well we’re going to build that for you,” he added.

So, after reading all that, we will ask you one last “Would You Rather?” question.

Would you rather buy from Harry’s or Jeremy’s Razors? We think we know the answer.

Peruse Jeremy’s Razors for yourself by clicking here and finding the best subscription package that works for you. Click here.

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