Why Is Legacy Media So Boring? CNN Pushes Climate Change, BLM, Reparations, And More While Discussing King Charles III

LONDON, NOVEMBER 13: Prince Charles, Prince of Wales poses for an official portrait to mark his 60th birthday, photo taken on November 13, 2008 in London, England.
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Why is legacy media so boring?

CNN is a billion-dollar company. Yet the best the media conglomerate can conjure up for stimulating conversation surrounding the ascent of King Charles III sounds like a litany of the latest college campus wishes contrived from an international relations 101 class at Swarthmore.

On Friday, the former home of Brian Stelter ranted about BLM, climate change, reparations, and other left-wing goals while discussing their hopes and dreams for the United Kingdom’s new monarch.

“Here’s how CNN spent a good portion of its first hour after King Charles III’s speech & the service of remembrance at St. Paul’s Cathedral for Queen Elizabeth II….harping on BLM, multiculturalism, & hoping Charles pushes Britain to institute reparations,” Newsbusters’ Curtis Houck noted.

“This was about five minutes later,” he added. “Again, talking about reparations, racial tensions, and the royals being a family of racists. It’s as if that’s what CNN feeds off of and pushes to the forefront.”

Conservative columnist Caleb Howe also highlighted a chyron, which simply read, “CHARLES BECOMES KING AFTER DECADES OF CLIMATE ADVOCACY.”

It is true that Charles has been a climate advocate. The U.K.’s history of colonialism deserves to be looked at it in its proper context. Of course, it wasn’t as evil as leftists like to shriek about, but that doesn’t mean reviewing the good and the bad side of it shouldn’t occur. A rigorous debate would be worthy to watch, but that isn’t what happened.

The true dullness about CNN’s coverage is that they are simply taking the policy goals of American leftists and placing them on the U.K., and therefore the entire world.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour herself admitted as much while remarking on the impact that the George Floyd riots had on England and elsewhere around the globe.

In her mind, predominantly white cultures that engaged in colonialism owe something to the brown and black nations they once controlled. The resulting inequity is justification for such reparations.

The conversation sounded no different from CNN’s expectations of President Joe Biden’s presidency.

Of course, what Amanpour either ignores or does not realize is that to this day, she pushes her culture onto various nations around the globe.

Just this week, Amanpour tweeted an interview she had with the newly elected president of Kenya. Kenya is a predominantly Christian nation and doesn’t recognize the right to gay sex.

“Gay sex is illegal in Kenya and President-elect @WilliamsRuto previously said ‘we have no room for gays,’” Amanpour tweeted. “Ruto tells me ‘we respect everybody,’ but adds ‘this is not a big issue for the people of Kenya’ and President Kenyatta was ‘spot on’ to say homosexuality ‘is not agreeable.’”

Throughout the interview, you can see the visceral disdain from the supposed non-biased journalist. Ruto defended his culture. Rightly or wrongly, he stands by what his people have decided should be the rule of law.

As Ruto explained in the interview with Amanpour, his culture is different from Western nations that recognize gay sex as legal. If the country decides that should be changed, it will be changed by a vote.

One Twitter user rebutted, “Very disappointing question from you. African Journalists need to start asking Western leaders about Polygamy too. Stop imposing your culture and values on us.”

For Americans judging Kenya’s president-elect disagreeing with Amanpour, they should remember that it wasn’t until 2003 that the Supreme Court ruled that bans on gay sex were unconstitutional. Just prior to running for re-election, former President Barack Obama and much of the Democratic Party were still against same-sex marriage.

That matters not to Amanpour. Just as it matters not that the history of England and its impact on the world isn’t as cut and dry as it seems. Nothing ever is.

It doesn’t matter to folks on CNN if the king carries on the tradition of the throne or defends the Faith. CNN would probably consider it a gigantic step backward for the whole world if he did anything like cede Westminster Abbey back to the Roman Catholic Church, despite it being an ecumenical sign of goodwill and remarkably interesting.

What only matters to these folks is if King Charles advances the leftist cause of the day. How lame.

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