WATCH: Hamas Terrorists Admit They Hide In Hospitals, Use Ambulances For Transport
Palestinians supporter of the Islamist movement Hamas during an anti-Israel rally in Gaza City on April 28, 2016.
Majdi Fathi / NurPhoto via Getty Images

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released intercepted communications of Hamas terrorists this week and video footage from captured Hamas terrorists showing them admitting to hiding in hospitals and using ambulances to get around on the battlefield, both of which are war crimes.

The video footage came from Hamas terrorists who were captured after their October 7 attack where they murdered 1,400 Israelis, wounded 5,300+, and took more than 240 people hostage.

One of the terrorists told the Israeli interrogator, whose voice was digitally altered to protect his identity, that “anything important” can be transported in ambulances during fighting.

“Anything important, commanders, and anything needed,” he said.

When asked why they use ambulances and not regular vehicles, the terrorist responded: “The Jews don’t attack ambulances.”

Another terrorist spoke about how Hamas hides out in hospitals.

“In Shifa (Hospital), for example, in Shifa (Hospital), there’s a basement level, they could be in the basement, Shifa is a big place, not a small hospital,” he said. “They hide here.”

“They are hiding in Shifa?” the interrogator asked. “The seniors who are in a-Shifa, who do you think they are?”


“The seniors like [Hamas terrorist leader Yahya] Sinwar, those, everyone’s there,” he said. “The senior political and military officials, they’re all there.”


The IDF also released an intercepted call between a Gazan resident and a Hamas terrorist, who the resident offers assistance to.

“Should I send an ambulance?” the resident asks.

“No man, I have ambulances. I can go out with whatever ambulance (I want),” the terrorist responded.

The resident responded: “Brother, there is an ambulance that if I tell him to come to you, he will take you and bring you to the entrance of your house.”

“Brother, there are ambulances that go and come back,” the terrorist said. “I can go with any ambulance.”

The resident told the terrorist that if for some reason he ever encountered a problem, he should notify him “ASAP, so I can send you an ambulance.”

“No my brother, I can leave with any ambulance (that I want), man,” the terrorist said.


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