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USC Protesters #SOUNDTHEALARM For Shapiro Event

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At the University of Southern California, where Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro is scheduled to speak on October 4, a message has been percolating among some students and alumni to “sound the alarm,” saying of Shapiro’s event: “The safety and lives of minority communities on the University of Southern California’s campus is in harm’s way.”

Among those sending the message was the Black Student Assembly at USC:

The Black Student Assembly at USC apparently feels that it is under threat from the U.S. government. The Black Student Assembly at USC’s Facebook page writes, “On September 27, the Black Student Assembly and allied organizations are creating a night of unity, community, and solidarity at Tommy Trojan. Our communities are under threat by various forces within USC and by the larger U.S. government, both of which target and dehumanize us.”

Others also tweeted the message attacking Shapiro:

Recently, one leftist student had contacted the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at USC where Shapiro is scheduled to speak on October 4, and leaked his leftist friends’ plans to wreck the event.

As The Daily Wire noted:

Shapiro’s events have been plagued by protests numerous times, including the near-riot at Cal State Los Angeles in February 2016; the protesters who blocked the stage at the University of Wisconsin in November 2016, finally giving the finger to him as they left, which prompted Shapiro to respond with a double-bird; the infamous University of California, Berkeley event in September 2017, when the university spent $600,000 on police protection, and the protests at the University of Utah the same month.

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