Fascists at CSULA Create Near Riot, Pull Fire Alarm, Barricade Doors To Silence Ben Shapiro. Here’s His Response.

Over the sounds of a pulled fire alarm, Daily Wire Editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro can be heard telling his audience: “They are not going to stop us.”

On Thursday, despite the best efforts by administration and “spoiled brat snowflake” students egged on by radical leftist, intolerant professors to ban Shapiro via threats, blockading protesters and an initial cancellation issued by President William Covino himself, the conservative author still gave his speech at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA).

Because of intolerant students and staff barricading the doors to the event, chanting ironic slogans eerily in unison, assaulting those who dared to enter the public space, attendees had to literally be quietly sneaked in through a back door.

In the video below, Shapiro, addressing the completely chaotic situation, is interrupted by a pulled fire alarm—yet another effort attempting to silence the conservative.

But it was a tough day for fascist whose goal is to squash basic First Amendment rights citing perceived “hate speech”—which is still covered under the First Amendment, obviously. Shapiro unflinchingly continued.

“And there it is gang,” said Shapiro with a smile on his face. “Guess what? You know what? They are not going to stop us.”

Shapiro continued on, reading threats issued via social media toward anyone who dare listen to Shapiro’s speech.

After more people were sneaked it, Shapiro caught them, and everyone watching via live stream up to speed: “Somebody pulled the fire alarm to stop this, because this is how the fascist do it.”

The snowflakes who reportedly assaulted attendees and journalists are now actively seeking President Covino’s resignation. Ironically, Shapiro called this during his speech; saying they will come for Covino next, “you watch.”

Here's some footage of the intolerance from Thursday at CSULA:

Watch Shapiro’s entire speech, “When Diversity Becomes a Problem,” here.

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