University Investigating After Student Posts Videos Of Him Seasoning And Cooking Apparently Live Chicks
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A major university is investigating after one student is alleged to have killed live chicks in an air fryer.

The University of Louisville said it was investigating student reports of another student who posted videos to Instagram of him cooking live chicks in his air fryer. The videos were reportedly shared by another student to Reddit. The university said that the incident reportedly took place off-campus, but the accounts belonged to a current student.

“We are aware of an off-campus incident regarding a UofL student and alleged actions of animal cruelty,” the University of Louisville said in a statement on its Twitter account. “We take reports of occurrences like this very seriously. After hearing about this off-campus incident, the university immediately relayed all relevant information to the appropriate authorities for further investigation.”

According to the videos, via local news outlet WDRB, the individual pours seasoning on a live chick in an air fryer pan lined with aluminum foil. “How to make fired [sic] chicken,” the caption reads. In the next clip, censored by the outlet, a chick appears dead in the same pan. “No don’t look, this is rough,” a woman can be heard saying. Another video, also censored, shows a dead chick hanging from the ceiling. Another video, via the Louisville Courier-Journal, shows a chick being put into a microwave.

The Instagram account in question had the letters “UOFL,” signifying the University of Louisville, in its bio. Additionally, a Reddit post that shared the video claimed that the individual was an engineering student at the J.B. Speed School of Engineering. The University was able to confirm that the user is a student at the college.

“It just gives you a grimy feeling like I feel wrong for being able to see it,” Sarah Devers, a Louisville student who saw the videos and contacted police, told WDRB.

The student reportedly followed up his posts with a separate Instagram story that claimed the chickens were robots that he had programmed. “I’m actually honored that y’all believe it’s real I put a lot of work into designing them,” another story read.


“Nice try trying to gaslight, I think anyone that has ever seen baby chicks before can tell that those are real living baby chicks,” Devers said.

The Courier-Journal added that multiple students commented on the posts that they had reported the videos to various school authorities.

“I would like to see him not be a student anymore, I don’t think having a student like that represent[ing] and getting a degree at the University of Louisville is in any way correct,” Devers said.

Last month, cooked chicken was at the center of a separate scandal, but not involving live ones. Buffalo Wild Wings was named in a class-action lawsuit by a Chicago resident who accused the restaurant chain of using false and deceptive advertising on its boneless wings, which he believes are only chicken nuggets.

Court documents obtained by WGN-TV show plaintiff Aimen Halim filed the complaint on Friday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois against the restaurant chain and its parent-company Inspire Brands, which the complaint alleges “is responsible for the composition, preparation, advertising, marketing and sale of ‘Buffalo Wild Wings’ product.”

Halim claims people were led to believe that the defendants simply deboned the chicken wings, which would then have been comprised entirely of chicken wing meat.

Brandon Drey contributed to this report.

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