Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney Defends Tampax, Says It’s ‘Pure-Intentioned’ To Carry Tampons Around

Dylan Mulvaney
Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images

Transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney is defending the feminine hygiene brand Tampax, saying the company shouldn’t be targeted just because of its rumored association with the social media influencer. 

Mulvaney’s TikTok video is called “the great tampon debacle of 2022” and features the activist saying the brand doesn’t deserve boycotts. Rumor had it that Mulvaney was a spokesperson for Tampax following a viral video when the influencer indicated as much. “When Tampax offers to sponsor you but you don’t have a [cat emoji],” Mulvaney shared at the time. 

“I haven’t talked about tampons on here lately because I don’t use them,” Mulvaney begins. “I’m a woman who doesn’t have a uterus. I know this, and science was my strongest subject in high school.”

Mulvaney, a biological male, also explained their “pure-intentioned” act of sometimes carrying tampons anyway and says anyone who takes issue with the brand because of it is “transphobic.”

“I just sometimes carry one in case anyone needs it,” said Mulvaney. “And that seems to have just set the world on fire in some pretty nasty ways.”

Next, Mulvaney shoots down rumors of being a Tampax spokesperson or being paid as a sponsor. The influencer discusses receiving a box of tampons from the company, and states that was the extent of the relationship.

“The bigger problem at hand is that you feel me carrying a tampon around is a threat to you and your womanhood,” Mulvaney continues. “How is someone doing something nice so repulsive to you?”

The TikTok star goes on to talk about how a girl whose boyfriend or husband did something similar would be celebrated. 

“It’s not because I’m misogynistic, it’s because you’re transphobic,” Mulvaney declares.

The activist continues by discussing feelings of pain and being so tired of women acting like they’re in “high school” with their shunning. Finally, Mulvaney concludes with a warning.

“PS, I am also very nervous for you, just because hopefully soon transphobia won’t be as tolerated online, but your tweets are forever, and I don’t want those to come back and haunt you.”

While Mulvaney indicates that the Tampax controversy is focused on them being associated with trans-identifying people, the brand has come under fire for other reasons. Twitter users demanded a boycott after the Tampax official account posted a sexually charged joke which it later apologized for and deleted.

“You’re in their DM’s. We’re in them. We are not the same,” the tweet read, seemingly referencing that tampons are inside women and are closer to those individuals than the men trying to hit on them.

“A women’s period products company is getting off on the idea of their products being inserted in girls and women – getting there first – while men are chatting them up hoping for sex. Overtones of rape, [pedophilia], misogyny – what a hat-trick,” one person replied. 

Tampax has been on board for left-wing gender ideology as well, and not just by sending tampons to Mulvaney.

The company caused an uproar in September 2020 with a tweet that said: “Fact: Not all women have periods. Also a fact: Not all people with periods are women. Let’s celebrate the diversity of all people who bleed!”

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