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THEY DID IT: Leftists Gathered To Scream Helplessly At The Sky On Election Anniversary

By  Emily

Disappointed leftists, still reeling — one full year later — from Donald Trump’s election, gathered in major cities across the nation to scream helplessly at the sky as an expression of their impotent anger at the universe for saddling them with the Republican leader.

What started out as a joke, with a Facebook event titled “Scream helplessly at the sky on the anniversary of the election,” became a real — if bizarre — protest Wednesday night. A cadre of disappointed Democrats, angered feminists, and other assorted individuals without anything better to do on a Wednesday night, showed up at designated meeting locations in New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. to — what else — scream helplessly at the sky.

WATCH (oh, yes, there’s video):

The so-called “woke-est event of the year” went off without a hitch, and with what appeared to be a home-made robot. It does not appear that the event attracted the “thousands” promised on the protest’s Facebook page.

Sadly, despite their efforts — and her fervent desire — they did not manage to scream Hillary Clinton into office. They did, however, manage to make themselves look ridiculous, though given that they’d already RSVPed to an event about screaming, that probably wasn’t difficult to do.

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