EVENT: Leftists Plan To 'Scream Helplessly At The Sky On The Anniversary' Of Trump's Election

"Come express your anger"

To commemorate the anniversary of President Trump winning bigly over his bragadocious rival Hillary Clinton last November, leftists have the best plan ever to ensure the MAGA man gets to live another four years behind those big, beautiful White House walls: scream like banshees up to the sky in hopes the political gods will hear their cries of pain and strike lightning upon their orange ogre.

According to a Facebook invite from Julia Helene and Johanna Schulman, residents of Boston are invited to drag their Trump-weary selves over to Boston Common for a good old-fashioned session of exhaling exorbitant amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere at unfriendly decibel-levels to accomplish absolutely nothing. Basically, what leftists do all day long.

Titled "Scream helplessly at the sky on the anniversary of the election," the event reportedly has 4.400 pledged attendees with another 33,000 interested. "Come express your anger at the current state of democracy, and scream helplessly at the sky!" the description reads.

As seen in the comments to the invite, leftists outside the Boston area are hoping to plan something similar.

"I'll be screaming in L.A.," reads one comment. "Wokest Event of the Year," reads another. "Anyone planing on screaming in Vancouver?" another man asked.

Others found the event so profound, they could only share quotes from their favorite philosophers to express the stir within them: "The absurd is born of this confrontation between the human [scream] and the unreasonable silence of the world." -- Albert Camus

Have a great night, lefties. By all means, scream until your voice goes hoarse. Scream until Fay Wray has to come back from the dead to reclaim her title. The rest of us will be sleeping comfortably in our beds.


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