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‘The Entire Biden Presidency’ In One Tweet: POTUS Ripped For Comments On Soaring Gas Prices
U.S. President Joe Biden speaks about the February jobs report during an event at the White House complex March 4, 2022 in Washington, DC.
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President Joe Biden was slammed this week for passing the buck on soaring gas prices, blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin alone for U.S. crude oil hitting a 13-year high.

“They’re gonna go up,” Biden said about gas prices, The Daily Wire reported Tuesday, adding: “When asked what he could do about it, he said, ‘I can’t do much right now. Russia’s responsible.'”


Radio host and conservative columnist Jesse Kelly ripped POTUS for shifting the blame entirely, highlighting a pattern with Biden.

“The entire Biden Presidency: 1. Cause a problem 2. Deny there’s a problem 3. Finally admit there’s a problem, but blame someone else,” he wrote. “Rinse and repeat.”

Others chimed in on Biden’s statement, too.

“It’s not Biden’s fault that embargoing Russian oil is causing a spike in prices, but it’s definitely his fault that our domestic energy sector doesn’t have the capacity to mitigate that damage,” Noam Blum commented.

“Never forget Biden’s first official act as POTUS. Day one. Do not let them lie to you. This is all their fault,” John Cardillo said, captioning a headline about Biden canceling construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline.

“Gas prices have risen nearly every single month of Joe Biden’s presidency,” said Kevin McCarthy. “Today, it is ‘Russia’s fault.’ Before that, it was OPEC’s fault Before that, it was ‘because of the virus.’ Serious question: How bad will gas prices have to be before he accepts some responsibility?”

“Biden’s plan to lower gas prices: 1. Blame Putin 2. Solicit from Putin’s allied dictator in Venezuela 3. Do nothing to increase domestic production 4. Blame oil companies 5. Blather about windmills and solar panels 6. Ask the Saudis to help while fluffing Iran 7. … 8. VICTORY!” mocked Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro. “Guys, he is just terrible at this. He makes Jimmy Carter look like Abraham Lincoln.”

“‘Putin did it’ ain’t gonna fly here,” asserted Guy Benson. “This pain predates the current crisis in Europe, which will make it worse. Putin does deserve some blame, of course, but this is a shameless political dodge.”

“What was it when they were spiking 6 months ago?” posted Stephen L. Miller.

Popular Twitter account @DefiantLs highlighted a past tweet from Biden ripping former President Donald Trump and promising to take “responsibility” and not “blame others.”

President Joe Biden has canceled the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and recently halted new oil and gas leases indefinitely as gas prices at home skyrocket.

U.S. crude oil hit a 13-year high of $130 on Sunday, CNBC News reported: “West Texas Intermediate crude futures, the U.S. oil benchmark, at one point spiked to $130.50 Sunday evening, its highest since July 2008, before retreating.”

“Oil is rising on the prospect for a full embargo of Russian oil and products,” John Kilduff of Again Capital said, the report noted. “Already high gasoline prices are going to keep going up in a jarring fashion. Prices in some states will be pushing $5 pretty quickly.”

The administration announced last month they’re indefinitely delaying new oil and gas drilling on federal land and other energy-related actions following a federal court ruling that blocks the administration from using their steep “social cost of carbon” estimate.

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