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Roseanne Barr Goes OFF On Obama Over Anti-Israel Nonsense

Roseanne Barr may be a Hollywood liberal, but when it comes to supporting and protecting Israel, she’s clearly on the right side of things. The comedian and former TV star took to Twitter to blast President Obama over his latest move against the Jewish state.

Last week, Obama helped the United Nations Security Council pass the anti-Israeli-settlements resolution by choosing not to veto it, thus greenlighting the egregiously one-side measure that, as Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro puts it, effectively declares that “the Western Wall and Temple Mount are not historic Jewish territory.” Worse, Israel says they have “ironclad information” that the Obama administration worked behind the scenes to craft the resolution and make sure it passed.

Over the weekend, Barr let her feelings be known about the situation by tweeting the following:

The actress then continued her rant by responding to some of her followers:

But she still wasn’t done slamming Obama. On Wednesday she tweeted:

Exit thought from Twitter:

H/T The Blaze.