The Obama Administration Lied About Pushing The Anti-Israel UN Resolution. Over And Over And Over Again.

After working behind the scenes to push last week’s anti-Semitic United Nations resolution stating that the Western Wall and Temple Mount are not historic Jewish territory, the Obama administration has spent virtually all of this week lying about it. On Wednesday, the State Department denied that a leaked document showed their manipulation of the UN vote; that document showed a meeting between Secretary of State and Easter Island head John Kerry and National Security Advisor Susan Rice just a week and a half before the UN Security Council vote on the resolution. According to the document, as The Hill reports, “Kerry and Rice said the US would abstain from the vote if the resolution was balanced.”

But Ned Price, spokesman for the US National Security Council, said that the meeting was a “total fabrication” and “never occurred.”

There was just one problem: the State Department website shows a meeting scheduled between Kerry and Palestinian official Saeb Erekat on precisely the date the document showed.

Israel has long maintained that the US was behind the resolution. The Obama administration, meanwhile, continues to lie.

That’s not a shock – the Obama administration wanted to undercut Israel, hamper President-elect Trump, and avoid culpability. Democrats aren’t interested in Obama’s anti-Israel agenda – Steny Hoyer, the House Minority Whip, came out today and bashed Kerry for his upcoming speech on Israel. Democrats understand that Israel is historically popular in the United States, and they’re not willing to go along with Obama’s kamikaze politics. So Obama pretends he’s not behind an operation he clearly supported.

But he’s a liar. And so all of it will come out anyway.

Which is good. Let the consequences of Obama’s terror-support fall on his own head.


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