Robert Downey Jr: ‘Entire Planet Should Be A Matriarchy’ Because ‘Men Start Wars’

Robert Downey Jr
Phillip Faraone/WireImage via Getty Images

Robert Downey Jr. recently said that he thinks the world “should be a matriarchy” after filming the movie “Oppenheimer.”

The 58-year-old actor made the comments during an interview with The Associated Press.

The interviewer asked, “I was curious if you took away any, like, commentary on patriarchy and war?”

Downey Jr. replied, “Men start wars and the entire planet should be a matriarchy. But I’ve never changed position on that.”

“So you already had that going into this?” the interviewer asked.  

“Well, this was just a triple confirmation,” Downey Jr. said.

In the interview, the actor discussed why he was drawn to the drama about J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy), the man who invented the atomic bomb and oversaw the Manhattan Project.   

 “Context is so critical,” the actor said. “The timing of the Manhattan project, the need for it, the deployment of it, necessary or not, you can read plenty of data that would support either. But regardless, the ‘why’ can be debated, but here we are now. That’s the cold, hard truth.”

“So being able, under Chris Nolan’s direction, to kind of invite the audience to be involved in this meditation, it’s kind of — we all know the films of the last 50 years that have kind of been important in that way, as well as [being] entertaining and thrilling and just cool to watch. And I guess that’s the transcendent thing about certain films, and I got to be in one.”


He continued, “It’s arguable that we are less safe now than at the height of the Cold War. It’s a lot to take in, but I think that great films are meant to humble us to the point where we can have these sorts of dialogues to begin with.”

The actor was picky about choosing his first post-Marvel role. “There’s themes in this film about being held up in this rarified air for something that you’re so conflicted about,” Downey said during an interview with Extra TV. The actor was also excited to take on a supporting role for once.

“It was … nice to have the pressure off because I let this guy [Murphy] do the heavy lifting,” he said. 

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