Ricky Martin Slaps Nephew Who Falsely Accused Him Of Sexual Assault With $20M Lawsuit For Trying To ‘Assassinate’ His Reputation

Ricky Martin
Rich Fury/Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter

Ricky Martin is responding to the false allegation of sexual abuse brought against him by serving his nephew with a $20 million lawsuit.

The 50-year-old Latin pop singer filed the lawsuit in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Wednesday against his relative Dennis Yadiel Sanchez, per TMZ. Martin claims his nephew was attempting to “assassinate his reputation and integrity.”

In July, Sanchez had gone public with claims that he had engaged in a 7-month romantic relationship with Martin and that afterward, Martin began stalking and harassing him. Sanchez filed a restraining order but later withdrew the petition. He admitted under oath that he had never been sexually assaulted by Martin.

This latest lawsuit alleges that Sanchez was the one behaving in a harassing manner, sending Martin multiple messages every day. The court filing described him as a “maladjusted individual.”

The suit further alleges that Sanchez posted Martin’s personal cell phone number to Instagram and created an account pretending to be one of Martin’s children. It states that Martin has lost numerous multi-million dollar deals due to the backlash from his nephew’s false allegations.

The “Livin’ La Vida Loca” singer also mentioned that he and his family now feel “unsafe” in Puerto Rico because of what happened. These adverse outcomes spurred the demand for $20 million plus an order for Sanchez to cease communication with Martin and his family. 

Previously, Martin detailed how “devastating” the false accusations were and how they impacted his life. 

“For two weeks, I was not allowed to defend myself because I was following a procedure where the law obligated me not to talk until I was in front of the judge,” Martin said in a video in late July, as the Daily Wire previously reported

He said after the allegations had been “proven to be false,” he wanted to tell the “truth” about what really happened.

“It has been so painful. It has been devastating for me, for my family, for my friends, and I wouldn’t wish this upon anybody,” Martin continued.

“To the person that was claiming this nonsense, I wish him the best and I wish he finds the help so he can start a new life filled with love and truth and joy, and he doesn’t hurt anybody else.”

The singer concluded by thanking fans for standing by him through it all. 

“You have no idea the strength that you gave me,” he concluded. “Every comment you wrote on social media. I wish you love and light — and here we come with the same strength and passion. God bless you all.”

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