‘Pretty Evil’: Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney Calls Out Caitlyn Jenner For Public Criticism

Mulvaney and Jenner
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images; Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Trans-identifying activist Dylan Mulvaney formulated a response for fellow trans-identifying celebrity Caitlyn Jenner after Jenner criticized the social media influencer publicly.

Fresh off a meeting with President Joe Biden at the White House, Mulvaney specifically addressed the video to Jenner

“We are two of the most privileged trans women in America at the moment,” the TikTok video begins as Mulvaney urged Jenner to stop using Twitter to “degrade” other members of the trans movement. 

Mulvaney referenced a tweet from Jenner responding to a post from Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), who tweeted out a video of Mulvaney talking about normalizing “women having bulges.”

“He is talking about his penis,” Jenner wrote, a response Mulvaney claimed caused a lot of turmoil. 

“Normalize the bulge,” Mulvaney sang in the clip while wearing tight shorts. “We are normalizing the bulge. Women can have bulges, and that’s ok. We’re not gonna stare at their crotches.” 

Blackburn said Mulvaney’s idea was “absurdity,” to which Jenner replied, “There is a difference between acceptance and tolerance, and normalizing exposing your genitals in a public way and a public place,” Jenner tweeted. “I do not support that at all, in the slightest. Dylan…congrats your trans with a penis.”

“Let’s not ‘normalize’ any of what this person is doing,” Jenner wrote.

“Not you calling me a ‘he’! That is just, oh, terrible,” Mulvaney tells Jenner in the clip. “You’re making me sound like I’m some creepy flasher exposing myself,” the influencer complained of Jenner’s tweet. “I was wearing perfectly normal shorts at a mall.” 

“This whole situation makes me not want to share my surgical plans,” Mulvaney says. “A trans person invalidating another trans person’s transness is pretty evil.”

Later in the clip, Mulvaney said this issue extends beyond the argument about “women with bulges” and is about trans rights more generally. The TikTok star also questioned Jenner being a Republican. 

“You’ve been accepted by a group of people that clearly does not accept me, and nearly every day this week, I have been called a freak, a child predator, an absurdity,” Mulvaney said. 

“I am none of those things that your cohorts are painting me to be, and my question for you is: don’t you feel a little lonely over there? These people that you’re standing with, I don’t know if they have your best intentions at heart. But they will use you to make me and the trans community’s life a lot harder than it already is.”

“I didn’t start ‘Days of Girlhood’ because being a woman sounded fun. I started this series because of the unspoken shame of being newly trans,” Mulvaney said. “I am moving on, onward and upward, and I hope you do too.”

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