Moviegoers Vomiting, Fainting During Gory New Horror Flick ‘Terrifier 2’

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There’s a new horror movie in theaters that’s so gory fans are fainting and vomiting while watching it.

“Terrifier 2” is a relatively small production released last weekend on 700 screens, earning just $2.3 million so far, per USA Today. But even with these humble profits, the slasher flick is making headlines for how audiences are reacting to the over-the-top gore. 

Fans headed to Twitter to brag about extreme reactions to the horror flick.

“My friend passed out and the theater called an ambulance,” one Twitter user wrote, sharing a photo of his friend being treated by emergency responders. “Highly recommended.”

“Just saw Terrifier 2. It was an amazing gory mess. The guy behind me passed out cold n crashed into my chair, another guy left because he didn’t feel good, I overheard him say and walking out theatre door I heard a guy puking hard & loud in the bathroom.” another person shared

A third wrote, “Terrifier 2 is so gory I puked in my popcorn.”

The movie is a follow-up to the 2016 movie “Terrifier” about a sadistic murderous clown named Art. It shows the creepy clown returning to terrorize a teen girl and her little brother after being resurrected by “a sinister entity.”

Overall, audiences seemed happy to be so grossed out by the film.

“Seeing Terrifier 2 in a theater was a real trip,” another viewer shared. “People in the audience were gasping, covering their eyes, and a few times I even heard retching sounds from a woman a few seats over.”

“It’s cool that a movie can still draw a reaction like that. Seems to rarely happen these days,” the fan said. 

One of the film’s producers shared a warning on Twitter, telling potential viewers that the film is likely to cause extreme reactions. 

“This movie contains scenes of graphic violence and brutal depictions of horror,” executive producer Steve Barton wrote. “Viewers who are faint of heart, prone to light headedness or have weak stomachs are advised to take extreme caution. There have already been numerous instances of fainting and vomiting in theaters. For those choosing to continue, you’ve been warned.”

David Howard Thornton plays Art the Clown in both “Terrifier” movies and will also be portraying the Grinch in an upcoming horror movie, “The Mean One.” The spin on the classic Christmas movie will show the main character slaughtering Cindy-Lou Who’s family and then turning his sights on her years later to “carve the roast beast,” the publication notes.

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