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Melania Notifies Secret Service After Peter Fonda’s Vicious Tweet Targeting Barron

By  Hank Berrien

On Wednesday, after actor Peter Fonda issued a series of vicious tweets, one of which called for the kidnapping of President Trump’s son Barron and depositing him in a cage with pedophiles, First Lady Melania Trump notified the Secret Service.

The First Lady’s spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, told The Daily Caller that the Secret Service had been “notified” of the threat, asserting, “The tweet is sick and irresponsible and USSS has been notified.”

Fonda’s tweet looked like this:

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Barron Trump has been the target of ISIS; was taunted by Danny Zuker, executive producer on ABC’s hit show Modern Family, was called a “special needs kid” because he was playing with a “fidget spinner,” and called a “rapist-to-be” by a stand-up comedian.

With all the hatred directed against her son, Melania Trump had ample reason to call the Secret Service.

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