You might think the executive producer on one of television’s biggest hits revolving around a family would be sensitive to the feelings of children, but hey, this is Hollywood, where children are routinely exposed to all sorts of horrors.

Thus, Danny Zuker, executive producer on ABC’s hit show Modern Family, decided to target President Trump’s 11-year-old son Barron after Trump retweeted the image of him hitting a golf ball and the ball smacking Hillary Clinton in the rear end:

One would imagine Barron has no idea what the vitriolic Zuker, who hates Trump with the heat of a thousand suns, is talking about. But then, Zuker has ascribed maturity to Barron before:

But then, Zuker himself is so mature:

The hatred Zuker has displayed for Trump is well-nigh Bellevue-bound;

Another mean-spirited leftist wacko from Hollywood.

There does seem to be an endless supply.