Megan Fox Says She Stepped Out Of ‘Limelight’ Because She ‘Wasn’t Allowed’ To ‘Be A Human’

Megan Fox attends the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards at Barclays Center on September 12, 2021 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.
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Megan Fox opened up about stepping out of the “limelight” for years because she said she “wasn’t allowed” to be human — and instead became part of “punch lines,” according to Glamour UK.

The 35-year-old actress graced the digital cover of Glamour UK’s April issue and talked about being way “ahead of the #MeToo movement” when she called out things like the “abusive, misogynistic, patriarchal things” she experienced in Hollywood in the early days of her career. She said instead of being praised she was “ridiculed.”

“I think that I was ahead of the #MeToo movement by almost a decade,” Fox shared in the cover story of a piece published Tuesday. “I was always speaking out against some of the abusive, misogynistic, patriarchal things that were going on in Hollywood back in 2008 and 2009, way before people were ready to embrace that or tolerate it. And I actually got ridiculed for doing it. I think people just have had time to review that, in retrospect.”

Megan said that talking about her experiences of “misogyny” and being ridiculed eventually led to her suffering a “psychological breakdown” and completely stepping away from the spotlight.

“I don’t know if the psychological breakdown was strictly related to being objectified, it was more related to just being dehumanized and criticized and judged constantly,” Fox shared.

“When so many people around the world are thinking about you or have negative thoughts or intentions towards you, that energy permeates and penetrates me,” she added. “I don’t have boundaries and walls for that. I’m still human. I am still fragile in that way, I can feel. And that was part of the struggle.”


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“I wasn’t allowed to be a human, because I was a topic of conversation and gossip and punch lines,” the “Jennifer’s Body” star continued. “I was essentially in hiding for several years of my life.”

At one point, the “Transformers” star answered whether or not she was a feminist icon for speaking out and said she’s “never felt completely included in the feminist community” because she said she wasn’t seen as a “very sympathetic victim.”

“[It seems] I have to meet a certain requirement or follow all of these rules,” Fox shared. “It’s very bizarre to get judged for, like, ‘What if I am in a BDSM relationship? And I’m like, yes – is that OK with you? Because that’s what I want.’ So, I shouldn’t be outcast from the feminist community, because that is something that I prefer for myself. I feel sexual power in that way, by experiencing it that way.”

“I was being celebrated as being a feminist until I had the nerve to call my boyfriend, ‘Daddy,'” she added.  “And a lot of people got upset about that, which I think is a funny conversation to actually have, because that goes into allowing women to be… women. Allowing us to experience what we want in life, what we like. That is feminism.”

Fox was previously married to actor Brian Austin Green and the two share three kids together. They divorced in 2022. She started dating fiancé rapper Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, about a year ago after they met on the set of their movie “Midnight in the Switchgrass.” He has a daughter from a previous relationship.

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