Man Shoots McDonald’s Worker After Mom Called Him To Complain About Argument Over Cold Fries: Police
French fries are displayed on a table in a McDonald's restaurant September 27, 2006 in New York City.
Chris Hondros/Getty Images

A New York McDonald’s worker is in critical condition after he was shot by a man who came to the restaurant when his mom called him to complain about employees arguing with her over cold fries, according to police.

The 23-year-old McDonald’s employee reportedly got into an argument, or tried to intervene in an argument, with Lisa Fulmore, 40, over cold fries at a Brooklyn McDonald’s Monday evening. Fulmore then FaceTimed her son after the heated exchange, ABC 7 New York reported.

Police said that Fulmore’s 20-year-old son Michael Morgan showed up to the restaurant and confronted the employees before going outside where he allegedly shot the victim in the neck. Fulmore claims that the victim showed aggression toward her son before he was shot.

“I talked to my son with the cops. My son is just saying that he gotta do what he gotta do and the [victim] came after him and whatever happened, happened,’’ Fulmore told the New York Post.

Fulmore told the tabloid that she returned her order of cold fries, but wasn’t given a fresh replacement. When she attempted to return the fries again, she said the McDonald’s workers laughed at her. “This is when I was on the phone with my son,” Fulmore explained. “I was like, ‘They in this McDonald’s playing with me.’ I was like, I got kids their age, I’m not going to sit here and keep arguing with these little kids.”

Morgan allegedly told his mom he would be “coming in” before showing up at the McDonald’s minutes later. He then allegedly got into an argument with the victim before shooting him. Morgan was arrested shortly after the incident, police said.

According to witnesses, a bystander took off his shirt to stop the victim’s bleeding before an ambulance arrived and rushed him to the hospital, the Post reported. The victim is currently in critical condition.

On Wednesday, Morgan confessed to a 2020 murder over the deadly shooting of Kevin Holloman in October 2020, according to authorities. Morgan was also arrested in 2019 for grand larceny and in 2018 for assault and theft of service, police sources told the Post.

A local store owner called for more police presence after the shooting on Monday, saying that violence is becoming commonplace in the area. “I saw two police at the corner all week, but yesterday I didn’t see one,” he explained. “They should be at every single corner every day.”

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