Jim Acosta: ‘I Hate To Use The Word ‘Bulls**t.’ Here are 8 Times He’s Used It Since May
CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta arrives at US District Court in Washington, DC, on November 16, 2018, where Judge Timothy Kelly ordered the White House to reinstate Acosta's press credentials. - The White House agreed to allow CNN reporter Jim Acosta back in after a judge ruled that the star journalist was improperly banned following a testy exchange at a press conference with President Donald Trump.
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Jim Acosta says he hates to use the word “bulls**t,” even as he has become one of the most proficient practitioners of profanity in cable news. Acosta proclaimed his reticence to use the phrase seconds before repeating the phrase for the fourth time in about an hour on Saturday’s “CNN Newsroom.” Let’s examine his professed discomfort with the scatological term.

Acosta said he does not like to use the term during the 4 p.m. Eastern hour while assailing allegedly false stories from “Fox News — I mean, Fox television.”

“I hate to say it. I know nice people that work at Fox television, but it seems like an overall corporate failure to allow this irresponsible dangerous bullsh**t,” Acosta said. “I hate to use that word. I’m an old school guy. I hate to use that word,” but Fox News’ reporting is “just crazy nonsense.”

But does he really hate to use that phrase? Let’s examine the record:

Four times one hour earlier on June 19:

Acosta had just used the term no fewer than four times in the previous hour—three times on the air, once in writing.

Now, you may recall I recently described Fox News as the bulls**t factory in honor of its steady stream of bogus segments aimed at ginning up your outrage. But Tucker has really outdone himself this week. I’ve decided to award Tucker with the distinction of bulls**t factory employee of the month. Congrats, Tucker. You did it. Nobody bullsh**s like you when it comes to the insurrection. Nobody does it as good as you. Well, at least in the English language.

He then played a clip of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Not content to use that word three times on the air, Acosta spread the bovine fecal matter to Twitter, writing, “Enough with the bulls**t from the crackpot caucus and their false flag excuses for January 6th…” along with a video clip of the segment. (He did not censor the term in his tweet.)

Once on June 10

Acosta’s imagination roamed back to the barnyard on the June 10 episode of Mediaite’s podcast, “The Interview.” During the last question of the extended discussion, Acosta said that CNN needs to cover the “cockamamie” stories reported by Fox News:

What they’ve decided to do since then is double down on being what I call the bulls*** factory. They churn out segments that gin up outrage that they know is going to piss off their viewers and so on, even if it’s cockamamie, made-up nonsense. And they do it for the simple reason of attracting viewers and ginning up the ratings.

Twice on May 1

Acosta first stepped in it on May 1, again while discussing CNN’s more successful competitor, Fox News. “You may want to laugh this off,” Acosta said:

But the lies these days are moving at the speed of light while spreading so much darkness. Take, for example, the uproar over this New York Post story that claimed that copies of a children’s book were being given to migrant kids in their welcome kits. That tale from the border didn’t just border on B.S. This was USDA grade A bulls**t. And the reporter who wrote the story resigned claiming she was forced to make it up. But the damage was done, pumped out over the airwaves at the bulls**t factory also known as Fox News. 

Honorable mentions

Earlier in the Mediaite interview, Acosta quipped, “If you’re complaining about the Deep State, you’re probably in deep sh*t.” He also once responded to a humorous tweet by texting “F*** you” to the author.

The Impact

Acosta’s transparent bias and regular recourse to profanity have done nothing to improve CNN’s ratings. The network now draws approximately one-third as many viewers as Fox News.

Bottom line

All in all, Jim Acosta used the phrase “bulls**t” eight times during three appearances over six weeks. The last person to so brand himself with the phrase “bulls**t” was former U.S. Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), who made the fecund phrase a staple of his campaign speeches during the 1992 Democratic presidential primaries.

He was the third candidate to drop out of the race.

Given the preponderance of the evidence, you might classify Acosta’s claim that he hates using the word “bullsh*t” as pure ….

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