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Former White House Official Teases CNN’s Acosta. Acosta Responds: ‘F**k You.’

By  Ryan Saavedra

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta does not like to be teased, not even a little bit.

On Thursday, a former White House official mildly teased the left-wing provocateur in a tweet which led to Acosta snapping back in a private message, telling the former official: “F**k you.”

The latest emotional outburst from Acosta came after he complained about the music being too loud at President Donald Trump’s rally in Montana.

Justin Caporale, a former official for First Lady Melania Trump, teased Acosta in a tweet that said, “Dear Diary,” a term that is commonly used on Twitter to tease Acosta over his tweets since they usually sound like whining.

Acosta responded by sending Caporale a direct message, saying: F**k you.”

The Daily Wire was the first to verify that the message was authentic and did, in fact, come from Acosta’s account. Acosta then blocked him so he could not respond:

Acosta’s childish behavior is the most recent example of embarrassing media coverage CNN has had to deal with over the last two weeks.

Multiple previous writings and tweets from CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins were unearthed earlier this month where she made numerous homophobic remarks and degrading comments about people she viewed as less than her.

Immediately after the controversy, Collins falsely claimed that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was accused of sexual assault during his confirmation hearing:

Collins never apologized for her false statement nor issued a correction and CNN’s PR department refused to respond to requests for comment.

Days later, CNN’s Ana Cabrera falsely claimed that President Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. recently said that “white men have a lot to fear right now.”

Cabrera’s statement was a lie.

Trump and Trump Jr. had both made comments in light of the unsubstantiated allegations against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that they were both concerned for young men, who could be falsely accused and have their lives destroyed.

Cabrera issued a weak apology which failed to address all parties that she made false claims about:

Even more embarrassing were remarks made by CNN PR employee Matt Dornic, who snapped at a former CNN contributor this week and accused him of “just shoveling shit on Twitter to score cheap points.”

On Tuesday, CNN analyst Phil Mudd said Trump needed to “get off his fat ass,” a remark that falls in line with a long history of nasty remarks from Mudd.

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