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Jim Acosta, Whose Network Employs Chris Cuomo And Jeff Toobin, Calls Fox News A ‘Bulls*** Factory’
CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta arrives at US District Court in Washington, DC, on November 16, 2018, where Judge Timothy Kelly ordered the White House to reinstate Acosta's press credentials. - The White House agreed to allow CNN reporter Jim Acosta back in after a judge ruled that the star journalist was improperly banned following a testy exchange at a press conference with President Donald Trump.
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While CNN keeps Chris Cuomo and Jeffrey Toobin on its payroll, the network’s White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, has trashed the more right-leaning Fox News for being a “bulls*** factory.”

Speaking with Mediaite’sThe Interview,” Acosta said that Fox News has upped covering “cockamamie made-up nonsense” since the 2020 election, seemingly ignoring the fact that his network just offered an apology platform to a man who was caught masturbating during a work Zoom call. According to Acosta, Fox News reverted back to its “Trumpian” roots after taking a dip in ratings following the 2020 election.

“What they’ve decided to do since then is double down on being what I call the bulls*** factory,” Acosta said. “They churn out segments that gin up outrage that they know is going to piss off their viewers and so on. Even if it’s cockamamie made-up nonsense. And they do it for the simple reason of attracting viewers, and ginning up the ratings.”

Acosta, whose network employs a man who literally apologized on air for advising his governor brother during a wave of sexual assault allegations, said journalists like himself should continue to cover the “bulls*** factory” that is Fox News in order to hold their employees accountable.

“I’ve thought long and hard about this, and my attitude is that we have to talk about it, we have to cover it,” he said. “Do we need to do it every hour of every day? No, we don’t. But if Trump or his lackeys go on Fox and they spew this nonsense about the election and they’re not fact-checked in real time, then they’re operating as propagandists. And they’re doing a bad thing for this country.”

Acosta denouncing Fox News as a “bulls*** factory” happened in the same week that CNN’s Alisyn Camerota invited disgraced legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin onto her show to apologize for masturbating on a Zoom call.

“Okay. In October, you were on a Zoom call with your colleagues from The New Yorker magazine, everyone took a break for several minutes, during which time you were caught masturbating on camera. You were subsequently fired from that job after 27 years of working there, and you, since then have been on leave from CNN. Do I have all that right?” Camerota asked Toobin.

“You got it all right, sad to say,” Toobin replied.

Toobin later called his actions “moronic and indefensible.”

“I thought that I had turned off the Zoom call. Now, that’s not a defense. This was deeply moronic and indefensible, but, that is part of the story,” he said. “And I have spent the seven subsequent months, miserable months in my life, I can certainly confess, trying to be a better person. [I’m] in therapy, I’m trying to do some public service; I’m working in a food bank, which I am certainly going to continue to do; working on a new book about the Oklahoma City bombing, but I am trying to become the kind of person that people can trust again.”

As The Daily Wire reported, multiple CNN insiders have expressed frustration over Toobin’s return to the network.

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