Jeremy’s Razors Surprises Harry’s With Advertisements Directly Across From Company Headquarters
Jeremy's Razors ads in front of Harry's HQ.
(Photo Courtesy of Jeremy’s Razors/The Daily Wire)

On Tuesday, The Daily Wire released its first featured ad for Jeremy’s Razors, a new company launched by The Daily Wire in response to Harry’s razors pulling their ads from The Daily Wire in 2021 over “inexcusable” comments made by a Daily Wire host about gender identity.

Jeremy’s Razors is more than a men’s grooming line. Jeremy’s Razors is a message to woke corporations that hate half the country, but love to take their money: your customers have the power to choose, and they’re not afraid to do so,” the company said in a statement.

In addition to the featured ad, Jeremy’s Razors also put up advertisements for the new company directly across the street from Harry’s headquarters in New York City on Tuesday.

“It must be a breathe of fresh air to walk out of the @harrys HQ to see that beautiful salt and pepper beard,” Jeremy’s Razors tweeted on Wednesday in reference to Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing’s facial hair while sharing a video of the advertisements:

Jeremy’s Razors added in a press release that the company “will begin accepting pre-orders for shaving kits today that customers can expect to be delivered by Father’s Day. Pre-orders can be placed at

According to a press release, the shaving kits include: 

  • A strong razor handle (not like the Beta stuff other brands use) 
  • Jeremy’s Green Tea & Menthol Shave Cream and Post Shave Balm, hand-selected by “the god-king” 
  • Eight razor cartridges 
  • A razor subscription to keep that mug looking fresh, forever 

In an opinion column and video announcement, Boreing explained further why Jeremy’s Razors was needed for the conservative movement.

“Well, I’m tired of losing. I want to win for a change. I want to create culture. And I want to have a freaking good time doing it, because losing… Losing sucks,” Boreing said in an announcement video.

“That’s why, today, The Daily Wire is launching Jeremy’s Razors, a direct competitor to Harry’s where people with inexcusable values like mine can get a great razor without giving their money to people who clearly hate them,” he continued.

“It’s why The Daily Wire launched its own film company last year,” he added. “So people with inexcusable values like mine can get great entertainment without giving their money to people who clearly hate them.”

“It’s why The Daily Wire is in the podcasting business and the news and commentary business, and the technology business. Business, mind you, not charity,” Boreing added. “We’re a for-profit company. We don’t make our money by complaining and begging. We make our money by building value and selling it to people who think it’s worth buying. We win by winning.”

“The Left is happy to bifurcate the culture, ripping it in two, the ‘god-king'” continued. “They’re convinced there will be no economic consequences for this because, they know what I know, you still need their goods and services.”

“So, to win, we have to rip the economy in two. We have to give conservatives their own companies and their own products to buy. We have to build actual market alternatives that, in success, will force the Left to take real losses if they don’t compete for our business,” Boreing warned.

“The Daily Wire is doing just that. Jeremy’s Razors is doing just that,” Boreing declared.

That video can be seen here in full:

All of Jeremy’s Razors products can be pre-ordered at

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