Jamie Lee Curtis Responds To Photo Of Naked Child In A Box: ‘Here’s The Truth’

Jamie Lee Curtis
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for dcp

Jamie Lee Curtis just issued a statement responding to criticism earlier this week about a strange piece of art in her home.

“Last week I posted a picture of some chairs that included a photograph on the wall by an artist that was gifted to me 20 years ago,” she wrote as an explanation. “I understand it has disturbed some people. As I have said, I am a truth teller, so here’s the truth.”

She went on to defend the photo.

“It’s a picture of a child, taken by her mother, of her playing in their backyard in a tub of water. Nothing more, nothing less. I took down the post because I didn’t want to keep something up that upset anyone,” she wrote.

The image in question showed a child in what appeared to be a plastic tub of water. It was created by artist Betsy Schneider, who social media users discovered had several other photos of nude children in her image portfolio.

An image of the photo hanging on Curtis’ wall originally went viral when it was shared on Twitter.

“Why does Jamie Lee Curtis have a picture of a naked child stuffed inside a suitcase on her wall? Strong Epstein vibes,” podcast host Stew Peters shared alongside a screenshot of Curtis’ original Instagram post.

“5 days ago Hollywood has-been Jamie Lee Curtis posted a vaccine ad for Pfizer on Instagram,” Rogan O’Handley shared with his followers. “3 days ago she posted an extremely disturbing picture she has in her home of a child stuffed in a suitcase. We have serious questions.”

Curtis’s explanation about the art on her wall isn’t sitting well with some of her followers, who claim it’s still creepy. 

“Jamie Lee Curtis clarifies THAT artwork on her wall by revealing it’s an image of a naked child taken by the kid’s mother ‘playing’ in a tub of water, which was then gifted to Curtis,” one response said. “Well, that explains it then. Totally normal. I prefer landscapes.”

“Nah sis, there ain’t no logical explanation for having a picture of a naked child contorted in a tub of water in your home,” an Instagram user wrote in the comments.

“Especially a child you don’t know. And there’s no logical explanation for a mother selling a picture of their naked child in a tub of water. I don’t see how it’s in any way cute or appropriate. I wouldn’t even post a picture like that of my child on social media. And if someone gifted me that, I’d be concerned about their thought process.”

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