Hunter Biden Didn’t Reply When His Stripper Baby-Mama Told Him About Their Baby

There's no aspect of Hunter's life that he didn't document on his notorious laptop -- except one of the most important.
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Hunter Biden calls a lot of people “baby” and even mentions “Navy” on his infamous laptop, but in neither case was he referring to Navy Joan Roberts, the baby he conceived with a former stripper who to this day remains unacknowledged by her powerful paternal family.

A search of the hard drive yields no reference by the first son to the baby he fathered in 2018. The laptop documents the drug-fueled sex romps, bitter family disputes, shady international dealings, and endless self-pitying of a venal degenerate. It contains complaints about the bills he has to pay for the children he acknowledges. There are references to uncles, siblings, business partners, friends, and enemies. But the now-three-year-old daughter being raised by her mother in Arkansas merits not a mention.

It’s not that the subject never came up.

“Just called to check in on you,” Navy’s mother, Lunden Roberts, wrote on July 3, 2018 in a text reviewed by The Daily Wire.

Three weeks later, the woman carrying Hunter Biden’s child tried again. “Amoeba DD Sep 8, 2018 All Good,” she wrote, apparently telling him the due date of their baby.

Her final message was August 8: “Reached out a few times, it’s clear you don’t want to be reached. Need to talk to you. If you feel the need to reach out, my line is always open.”

The refusal to acknowledge his illegitimate child apparently came around the same time as discussions with his father, now-President Joe Biden, on how he could be less of an obstacle to the elder Biden’s White House aspirations. On August 2, 2018, he texted another relative that he was recently “discussing with dad about what I need to get in order before he runs for president.”

Other than that, there is little evidence that Hunter Biden, father of three daughters with his first wife and a son with his current spouse, had any interest in Navy Joan. The only other mention of her mother comes November 16, 2018, when Hunter Biden instructs his assistant to take Lunden Roberts off the payroll of his law firm. He appears to waste little time worrying about depriving the mother of his two-month old baby of health insurance.

“Is Lunden still one [sic] payroll???” he wrote to his assistant Katie Dodge.

Dodge replied: “Do I remove Lunden from payroll & health insurance? They go hand in hand.”

“Take Lunden off payroll I thought you said she decidedly dint want to work and didnʼt need health insurance anyway. Remember that conversation?” Hunter wrote.

“No. I do not remember that conversation. I remember a conversation where I was disappointed that you wanted to pay her the same rate as me,” Dodge wrote.

“Regardless Katie thats was if she was working a 40 hour week full time for me. I havenʼt talked to Lunden in 7 months???” Hunter Biden replied. “Well take whatever I pay Lunden and get my s*** straightened out Katie.”

Dodge said that Hallie Biden — the widow of Hunter Biden’s brother, who he began dating after Beau Biden’s death — and her sister Liz, with whom Hunter Biden exchanged racy texts, were also on the payroll of his law firm in the previous nine months.

When Hunter said he hadn’t “talked to” Roberts in seven months, that would mean April 2018. While he may not have talked to her, she was desperately trying to get in touch with him and tell him about their baby during that time. Based on the due date, the baby would have been conceived in late 2017, and it would have been clear that she was pregnant by the time Hunter Biden stopped speaking to her in April.

In September 2017, a manager of the House of Sweden, from which Hunter Biden rented office space, wrote that “It has once again come to my attention that it appears that after hours access has been given to visitors through the North Entrance to 507 – as we have 24/7 security camera coverage throughout the building. Please help us in keeping the building safe by following House of Sweden’s Rules and Regulations.”

One of those visitors was apparently Roberts. Hunter Biden lashed out angrily, accusing the House of Sweden of racism, and also claiming that Roberts was there because she is a mentor to his daughters.

“If Ms. Cox has an issue with the race or dress of my visitors I think we should all sit down and discuss with an attorney present. I understand your need for security in light of the fact that the Icelandic Ambassador’s office is on the same floor, however, I do not believe I have received a complaint from any other tenants,” he wrote.

“I had phoned ahead to let security know that my youngest daughter’s basketball mentor she worked out with Maisy and Sasha Obama when they played in rec league together.  Maisy, my daughter continues to pursue a NCAA Div. One team and Lunden continues to help,” he continued. “Lunden choose not play in the WNBA.  Lunden is in her final semester at George Washington University’s National CSIS Masters Program and ranked #1 in her class.”

In Hunter’s 2021 memoir Beautiful Things, which was supposed to be about owning up to a troubled past and is dedicated to “my family,” the only reference to Roberts does not even mention her by name.

“The other women I’d been with during rampages since my divorce were hardly the dating type. We would satisfy our immediate needs and little else. I’m not proud of it. It’s why I would later challenge in court the woman from Arkansas who had a baby in 2018 and claimed the child was mine–I had no recollection of our encounter. That’s how little connection I had with anyone. I was a mess, but a mess I’ve taken responsibility for.”

However, the “About the Author” flap says “He is the son of President Joe Biden and the father of three daughters: Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy” and a “son, Beau,” with no mention of his fifth child.

In May 2019, Lunden sued Hunter Biden seeking child support and health insurance. Once her lawyers finally managed to serve him, Biden tried to avoid a deposition by citing coronavirus and his pregnant wife. He settled the case after DNA proved the baby was his, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

The only reference to “Navy” on Biden’s laptop comes when he refers to being kicked to of the armed services branch for doing cocaine. Joe Biden has not recognized his granddaughter and refused to provide Secret Service protection for his granddaughter despite her receiving threats, the Daily Mail reported.

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