Homeless Woman Keeps Breaking Into Ritzy Hamptons Homes, Getting Arrested: Police
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Peace Ofoego is the embodiment of “go big or go home” — with “home,” in this case, allegedly being multiple mansions in the Hamptons.

The 32-year-old homeless Nigerian woman — dubbed the “Goldilocks of the Hamptons” — has been arrested three times over the past two months after being caught entering seven properties in the seaside resort region, where New England elites often vacation in the summers, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Ofoego was first spotted on Memorial Day weekend in Westhampton Beach, when a resident reported to police that he saw a “black female wearing a black trench coat and sandals” wandering in the backyard of his four-bedroom rental property, which was under construction. Ofoego told officers that she had no identification because she had been robbed in Washington, D.C., even though she managed to travel to New York City and board a train to Westhampton Beach.

The incidents with Ofoego occur as homelessness and crime grip major American cities, leaving unwell people without sufficient aid.

Though the officers helped Ofoego find a homeless shelter, she was seen days later again wandering through the neighborhood. Resident Peter Nesvold allegedly captured pictures of Ofoego trying to enter his home while his wife was inside. Likewise, John Mallon allegedly caught Ofoego inside his rental, which costs $35,000 per month.

In another incident, Ofoego entered an unlocked gate to an eight-bedroom rental property that costs $275,000 per month, where she relaxed on the back deck until police arrived. “Subject stated she was staying at a house down the road and entered the stated residence to ask somebody about a restaurant to eat at,” according to a police report obtained by the New York Post.

The most recent incident occurred toward the end of June, when Ofoego startled a homeowner by waltzing into a second-story bedroom. The property was listed as a $280,000 rental in July and August.

More recently, Ofoego has been spotted wandering on the beach and local back roads, as well as near a gazebo and a local marina. Residents reported on Facebook that she “seems mentally unwell” and has asked for money to pay for groceries. Ofoego has refused representation from public defenders at hearings on July 6 and July 13, instead opting to defend herself.

“She was in court the other day, the same time I was, and she was arguing with the judge,” community member Liam Anthony DeFronzo said on Facebook, per the New York Post. “It seemed to me she is angry with where she is in life and with the system. Ultimately, it seems like she’s looking for a place to sleep, but of course you never know what she might do and it’s not acceptable to break into homes. Does she truly want help in finding some sort of shelter and is doing this as a cry for help? I don’t know, but I felt compelled to help her the other day in the court room.”

Ofoego told a reporter from the New York Post that she has lived in the United States for the past 13 years, first residing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to study medicine at Southern University. She had encounters with Florida police in 2017 and 2020 — initially receiving a charge for driving without a license, then for failing to register a motor vehicle.

Ofoego claims that she fled an abusive marriage and is seeking to regain custody of her children. “All I want is just some simple kindness from strangers,” she told the New York Post. “But no one cares about me.”

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