‘Hold On There A Minute’: Tim Pool Exposes Hypocrisy Of Pro-Abortion Guest In Mic Drop Moment
Wang Yukun via Getty Images

Podcaster Tim Pool exposed the hypocrisy of his pro-abortion guest’s position during Thursday’s episode of “Timcast IRL.”

Pool was speaking with Lance from The Serfs, a popular democratic socialist YouTube channel. When the topic of abortion came up, Lance said he believed a woman should still have “the choice” and “ultimate authority over what happens to her body.”

“What about meth?” Pool asked Lance.

“Uh … like, should she be allowed to do meth?” Lance said. “Uh, I think if someone is doing meth while they’re pregnant, that it is completely acceptable for something like [child services] …”

“It’s her body, though,” Pool replied.

“Yeah, it’s her body,” Lance said.

“If she wants to do meth, what’s the big deal?” Pool asked.

“Uh, the big deal is that it’s – she’s intentionally trying to kill a child,” Lance said.

There was a brief silence as they both realized what he admitted. “Hold on there a minute,” Pool said, and Lance admitted, “Yeah, I see where you’re …” 

“I don’t understand what you’re saying,” Pool said. 


The clip quickly started circulating on social media. “Well done,” the pro-life advocacy group Live Action said of the exchange.

“Why would you debate this topic when you haven’t thought about your position for even a second?” another Twitter user wrote. That post had 1.5 million views as of Friday.

“Love this argument. Leaves them stunned and swimming in circles every time!” another person wrote

Pool also shared the clip, writing in the retweet, “I love my job.”

At another point in the conversation, Pool and Lance discussed children who identify as transgender receiving “gender-affirming care,” which Pool described as a “genocide.”

“You want to know what I think?” Pool told Lance after the guest trotted out familiar Leftist talking points about there being more trans-identified youth now because those individuals are more accepted in society.

“I think there is a trans genocide,” Pool said. “And I think it’s you. Because you’re sterilizing a lot of these people. You’re literally sterilizing them – the surgery to remove the gonads, hysterectomies, and cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers have a high rate of sterilization.”

“These people can no longer reproduce. That’s genocide,” Pool said.

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