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Here’s Barack Obama’s Going Away Message on Twitter. It’s Perfectly Ridiculous.

By  Elliott Hamilton

Hours before handing the presidency to Donald Trump, outgoing President Obama gave the following message on the White House’s official Twitter account:

Sticking to his popular catchphrase, Obama insinuates that he succeeded in his mission to unite Americans and place America in a better position than it was when he assumed the presidency eight years ago today. However, as we have all witnessed, the opposite is true. As Daily Wire contributor Harry Khachatrian eloquently stated in his article outlining race relations during the Obama administration:

Racial riots and hostile tribal divisions weren’t nearly as common-occurring under past presidential administrations in recent history. What happened? Police activity or the criminal justice system didn’t suddenly begin to wantonly target black people as Obama was sworn into office.

At every opportunity to quash racial division, Obama’s rhetoric instead amplified it. For eight years he continuously peddled the notion that America is a deeply racist, unjust vessel of oppression. While he would at times admit that some progress had been made in race relations, he consistently returned to his rhetoric about a country plagued by “systemic racism.” And so, race relations in America changed to reflect the vision Obama promulgated for 8 years. The media beloved racial unifier, Barack Obama presided over the deterioration of race relations in America. If you like your race relations, you’ll get to keep your race relations.

Furthermore, Obama helped forge a disastrous nuclear deal with Iran, granted citizenship to nearly 1,000 illegal immigrants from terror-risk nations, normalized relations with the communist dictatorship in Cuba, stabbed Israel in the back with the preposterous UN resolution that labeled the Western Wall “occupied Palestinian territory,” commuted the sentence of a traitor, and countless other acts that encapsulate his presidency.

To his credit, Obama did do something: He created a colossal mess both domestically and internationally that helped Republicans secure both chambers of Congress and the presidency.

Thanks, Obama.

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