Iran Deal FAIL: Obama Allows Iran To Build Two Nuclear Plants

As might have been expected after the Obama Administration successfully manipulated the public by lying despicably in order to sell the catastrophic Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA), the Obama administration has now admitted that under the terms of the deal, Iran can build two new nuclear plants.

Obama administration officials told the Washington Free Beacon that Tehran can pursue the construction as ordered by Irani President Hassan Rouhani. On Thursday, Iran’s state-run Mehr News Agency quoted Ali Salehi, Iran’s top nuclear official, gleefully announcing Iran has invested $10 billion into the construction of the plants.

The State Department said that Iran was permitted to build the plants; telling the Free Beacon, “The [nuclear deal] does not prevent Iran from pursuing new light-water reactors. Any new nuclear reactors in Iran will be subject to its safeguards obligations.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) blasted the Obama administration to the Free Beacon:

Nothing in the behavior of the Iranian regime in the year since the JCPOA went into effect should give us any confidence that they will be confining their nuclear program to peaceful activities, Secretary Kerry seems to think that the mullahs are interested in curing cancer and civilian energy production, but their rapid progress in ballistic missile technology suggests they are far more determined to develop the nuclear weapons these projectiles are designed to deliver. This is just the most recent confirmation of how misguided, shortsighted, and downright dangerous the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic truly is,” Cruz added.

Rep. Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.) fired:

While the Iranians complain that the U.S. is not allowing enough investment into Iran, when investments do occur, Tehran continues to focus on its nuclear program. The Iranian regime’s priorities are clear. The Ayatollah is more concerned with strengthening Iran’s nuclear infrastructure than providing for the Iranian people. Unfortunately, President Obama’s failed nuclear deal with Iran does little to protect the United States from an eventual Iranian nuclear weapon.

Meanwhile, Salehi attacked the United States, saying, “The U.S. has settled its scores with its potential rivals but Iran has stood up against it. This is a serious political challenge that does not form in vacuum and requires producing content and ideologies.”

But the most chilling part of Salehi’s remarks came when he admitted that Iran would continue to produce excess heavy water, a nuclear byproduct that is part and parcel of nuclear weaponry, as he stated, “Iran’s heavy water production surplus is currently on a sale agenda and our nuclear industry is functioning well.”

But the most chilling part of Salehi’s remarks came when he admitted that Iran would continue to produce excess heavy water, a nuclear byproduct that is part and parcel of nuclear weaponry.

Of course Iran is happy; the Obama administration promised this year that it would buy over 30 tons of heavy water from Iran, ostensibly to keep Iran in line with the nuclear deal.

A senior congressional adviser told the Free Beacon that the Obama administration wants Iran to become a nuclear power, asserting:

The Obama administration seems committed to making Iran into a nuclear power. They’ve purchased heavy water from the Iranians, as if the Iranians were legitimate nuclear suppliers, which they’re not. They’ve made excuses for Iran seeking to procure nuclear parts from Germany and elsewhere. And now they’re celebrating Iran building full-blown reactors. All of this is the exact opposite of what they promised Congress, and for good reason, since Congress is committed to ensuring Iran never gets the infrastructure to be a screw turn away from a nuke,” the source said.


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