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Hamas Is Stealing 95% Of Cement Given To Palestinians For Humanitarian Aid

By  Michael Qazvini

On Tuesday, Israeli officials confirmed that Hamas is siphoning off 95% of cement transferred into Gaza for rebuilding homes and other humanitarian projects.

“From our own investigations we found that out of every 100 sacks of cement that come into the Gaza strip [from Israel], only five or six are transferred to civilians,” Israeli Foreign ministry director-general Dore Gold stated at the UN World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul. “A hundred sacks is what is necessary to rebuild a home, the rest are confiscated by Hamas and used for military purposes.”

As The Daily Wire reported, Hamas uses a bulk of the cement to construct terror tunnels from Gaza into Israel in order to attack civilians. Weapons, explosives, and commandos are routinely transferred through these tunnels with startling efficiency.

Fortunately, many of these tunnels are poorly constructed and architecturally flawed. Not surprisingly, Gaza doesn’t produce the world’s best engineers as most academic resources are poured into Hamas propaganda materials calling for “armed resistance” and another Holocaust.

Thankfully, Gaza’s brain drain has negatively impacted Hamas’ ability to successfully carry out terror attacks. An astounding number of Hamas terror tunnels have collapsed as a result of faulty engineering, burying militants underneath piles of cement and rubble.

Still, Israel continues to imperil its own national security in order to offer humanitarian assistance to Palestinians caught in the middle of war in Gaza.

“Since October, Israel has let into Gaza 4,824,000 tons of building materials and these have often times been seized and used to build new attack tunnels penetrating Israeli territory,” Gold said. “Israel firmly believes in the importance of humanitarian relief toward our neighbors; even those with whom we were at war.”

Israel’s goodwill seems to be a blessing for Hamas. The Islamic terror group is “cynically exploiting” Israel’s humanitarian aid, in order to “rebuild its military capacity,” Gold stated.

Israel allows humanitarian assistance into Gaza through two main checkpoints. While security is tight at the crossing stations, Israeli authorities are finding it impossible to track how the material it allows into Gaza are used once they cross the border.

Since Israel relinquished full territorial control of Gaza in 2005, the area has been under the authoritarian control of Hamas. The terror group’s political wing makes virtually all spending decisions. From what it looks like, they’re spending most of their money on killing innocent Israelis.

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