Hamas Tried To Dig Another Terror Tunnel. Then God Stepped In.

On Wednesday, eight Palestinian Hamas terrorists were buried alive in a secret tunnel they constructed in order to attack Israel. The tunnel’s collapse was seemingly miraculous.

“After initially saying nothing about the event, Hamas’ military wing confirmed the tunnel collapse, but did not reveal the purpose of the underground tunnel,” reports The Blaze. “Hamas has had a history of using tunnels for smuggling goods and weapons and for armed attacks against southern Israeli communities on the other side of the fenced-in border.”

Unexpected rainfall from the skies (or heavens, depending on how you look at it), appeared to be the direct cause of the tunnel’s collapse, degrading and weakening the structure.

This isn’t the first time Palestinian terrorism has been thwarted by the indomitable forces of nature. “Such collapses have previously occurred in the coastal strip, which is under an Israeli blockade and has seen three wars with the Jewish state since 2008,” explains Agence France-Presse, or AFP.

As the Holy Land, homeland of the Jews, and birthplace of Jesus Christ, Israel has prevailed over its terrorist enemies through what can only be described as unlikely circumstances. From 1948 on, the State of Israel has been severely outnumber by its Arab foes, and yet, still managed to win decisive battles despite inauspicious odds. This time, a spontaneous tunnel collapse took out Hamas operatives that could have inflicted a major massacre of Israeli civilians.

“The resistance tunnel collapsed last night due to the weather and flooding," a Hamas security source told AFP. "There were 11 resistance men inside. Three of them escaped in the first hour after the accident, but the security operation... continues to search for the eight others."

As The Blaze rightly notes, “resistance” here is a euphemism for bloodthirsty barbaric Islamic jihadists. For some reason, Allah was conspicuously absent on that fateful day.

Image (AP): "Masked Palestinian members of the military wing of Hamas carry their weapons while chanting slogans during a parade to mark the anniversary of a 2012 battle against Israel in Gaza City."


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