Ethics Expert Says ‘Missing’ Hunter Biden Witness Video ‘Very Persuasive,’ ‘Seems Credible’
Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden, arrives at Fort Lesley J. McNair in Washington, DC, US, on Tuesday, July 4, 2023. The US Supreme Court last week tossed out President Biden's plan to slash the student debt of more than 40 million people, rejecting one of his signature initiatives as exceeding his power. Photographer: Ting Shen/Bloomberg
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Videotaped allegations against the Biden family made by American-Israeli professor Dr. Gal Luft of corruption in the White House and Department of Justice (DOJ) are credible, an expert in government accountability told The Daily Wire.

Seamus Bruner, the associate director of research at the Government Accountability Institute, says Luft’s claims of a malicious prosecution aimed at keeping him from testifying to Congress on Biden family corruption should be taken seriously, though they do need verification.

“I found it very persuasive. He seems credible,” Bruner told The Daily Wire, referring to a roughly 13-minute video statement by Luft that was published in the New York Post on Wednesday night.

“He’s naming names, giving lots of FBI and DOJ officials who have been apparently putting their fingers on the scale of justice,” Bruner said. “It’s always good to get some names out there so we can go and corroborate his claims and look into it. We’re certainly doing that.”

Luft said he approached the DOJ in 2019 and met with two prosecutors from the Southern District of New York, Daniel Richenthal and Catherine Ghosh, and four FBI agents, including Special Agent Joshua Wilson of the Baltimore field office. Luft said he gave the team evidence and information on Biden family dealings with the now-defunct Chinese energy company CEFC, including information that implicated President Joe Biden.

Luft said he heard nothing further from the DOJ until his arrest in February on charges of illegal arms trading, acting as an unregistered foreign agent, and lying to the FBI. Luft is now on the run from U.S. authorities after escaping arrest in Cyprus and is concerned that, if caught and extradited to the U.S., he would not get a fair trial on charges that are untrue and malicious, he said.

Bruner said that recent actions taken by the DOJ appearing to run cover for Hunter Biden and target former President Donald Trump show that the department is compromised. And if it is, the department would have good reason to target Luft.

“There are a number of things that charging Luft can do to protect the Bidens. Number one, it impugns his credibility, so now we’re talking about a guy who’s been indicted on some very serious crimes,” Bruner said. “If he is not guilty of those crimes, it’s going to take a long time to prove that.”


The indictment could also hamper the congressional investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings if investigators want to get testimony or information out of Luft.

“Once he’s indicted, certainly it can wrap [Luft] up, you know, the court can put a gag order on him. They can seal his indictments so that he can’t now talk about the charges that he’s facing and the evidence that they do or don’t have against him,” Bruner said. “It doesn’t look good being on the run, but if you think that you’re facing an unfair prosecution, maybe he felt he has no other choice.”

In his video statement, Luft questioned why the DOJ would arrest him and arrange for his extradition out of Cyprus rather than Israel where Luft spends most of his time and which is a close ally of the United States. Bruner could not say for sure, but he noted some odd coincidences involving Cyprus and the Bidens.

“Cyprus is one of the more corrupt nations and it’s a hotspot for money laundering. I believe that some of Hunter Biden’s Burisma funds actually passed through Cyprus. I would certainly see that country as a jurisdiction possibly more favorable to a corrupt prosecution than the nation of Israel,” Bruner said.

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