DNC Official Lindy Li Claims Critics Of Woke Ideology Are ‘Anti-Black’
PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 8: A 'Day in the Life' profile of U.S Congressional candidate Lindy Li (24) who wants to be the youngest women elected to Congress on August 08, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA. Lindy Li and her father Richard visit the offices of David Landau, the chair of the Delaware County Democrats. Lindy says that David Landau acts as a sort of mentor for her and she takes his off the record advice very seriously. (Photo by Charles Ommanney/The Washington Post via Getty Images)
Charles Ommanney/The Washington Post via Getty Images

A top official at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Saturday attacked critics of “woke” ideology as “anti-black.”

Lindy Li, the women’s co-chair and mid-Atlantic regional chair at the DNC, appeared on MSNBC over the weekend to attack conservatives and the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that took place last week.

“Let’s be clear what anti-woke means. It’s anti-black. And I think people are very reluctant to say it, but I don’t mince any words, and that’s the truth. That’s their way of, you know, sounding the dog whistle without being extremely explicit,” Li said.

“Woke” as it is currently used refers to leftist policy and ideas, such as Critical Race Theory, transgender ideology, social justice, and political correctness. Many on the political Right use the term to denigrate policies that aim at speech censorship or equity, such as editing books for “sensitivity” or affirmative action policies that take race into account.

Defenders of “woke” policies say they are necessary to help disadvantaged groups.

Li also targeted a series of high-profile Republicans, CPAC, and the American Conservative Union (ACU).

“Let’s also not ignore the fact that CPAC has become a gathering of sexual predators,” Li said, before targeting ACU chairman Matt Schlapp and a group of conservative lawmakers over allegations of misconduct leveled against them — which have yet to be proved.

Li called former President Donald Trump, who delivered a keynote address at CPAC, a “serial rapist.”

“And then finally tonight, we have Trump, a serial rapist. And so this is the party that claims to be the party of Christian family values, and I have nothing to say or do but laugh at that,” Li said.


After Li’s comment, the host of the show paused for several awkward moments before clarifying the network’s position on Li’s allegation against Trump and the others.

“I just want to be clear here, though, that it’s important to put out there that we understand the accusations that have been made, of course, against the former president,” the host said. “But I want to be clear, of course, that none of that has actually rung true as of yet. They’ve all been accusations, so far.”

Li is a Democratic Party partisan who at times has found herself the target of ire from the Left. She resigned her position as treasurer of the Pennsylvania Young Democrats in 2020 after making a series of social media posts critical of self-proclaimed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont (I).

“This is like Bernie Bro behavior in real life,” said Li, blaming aggressive behavior by Sanders supporters for her departure. “I wasn’t always like this. They drove me to this.”

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